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Idant Laboratories Signs a Corporate Blood Banking Contract With Rotenberg, Meril, Solomon, Bertiger & Guttilla for Individuals to Store Their Own Frozen Blood for up to 10 Years

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 12, 2010) - Idant Laboratories, a subsidiary of the medical instrumentation and biotechnology company Daxor Corporation (NYSE Amex: DXR), today announced that it received a blood banking contract from Rotenberg, Meril, Solomon, Bertiger & Guttilla (RMSB&G). The contract provides for eligible employees of RMSB&G to store 2 units of their own (autologous) frozen blood for future use. RMSB&G is one of the top 25 accounting firms in New Jersey, and currently employs approximately 60 people.

There are benefits for individuals who elect to store autologous blood in advance of a scheduled surgery: in the event that there is considerable blood loss during surgery, the patient can be transfused with his/her own previously banked blood. This minimizes the risk of exposure to infectious disease, which is a potential risk whenever volunteer blood is used in transfusions. It also guarantees that the transfused blood type will always match, and minimizes the risk of allergic reactions. Moreover, if an unanticipated medical or surgical situation arises which requires a transfusion, patients who have previously banked blood will be able to receive their own blood. In case of emergency, Idant Laboratories is able to thaw and ship autologous blood for delivery to clients throughout the United States within 4-24 hours of the initial request, depending on their location. Blood storage clients will also have the option to engage in 'directed donation', in which they bank their own blood for use by a friend or family member of matching blood type who is scheduled for surgery.

Idant Laboratories uses a special cyropreservative to freeze autologous blood at -80 °C. Blood which has been frozen in this manner retains critical enzymes which are needed for effective transport of oxygen throughout the circulatory system and remains viable for up to 10 years. In contrast, blood stored by refrigeration shows some deterioration after two weeks. However, refrigerated blood can be legally used for transfusion for up to 42 days after collection. Recent studies have shown higher rates of mortality and complications associated with use of refrigerated blood that has undergone prolonged refrigerated storage. Individuals who store their own frozen blood for possible future use do not face these risks.

Mr. Neal Rotenberg, C.P.A., a co-founder and managing partner at RMSB&G, said, "In an era of increasing healthcare costs, we believe that it is very important for individuals to accept responsibility for their own healthcare whenever possible. We are very pleased to be able to offer blood banking insurance for our own employees in the event of an unanticipated problem. It is obvious to me that the safest blood for a transfusion is one's own."

Idant Laboratories initiated the first personal frozen blood storage program in the U.S. in 1985. It also began a semen banking program in 1971, which makes it the oldest public semen bank in the U.S. For more information regarding Idant Laboratories' Blood Banking Services or other programs, please visit our website at

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