NAPLES, FL--(Marketwire - February 16, 2010) - ASG Software Solutions, the originator of ASG's Business Service Portfolio™ (BSP) and a worldwide leader in business solutions for global enterprises, today announced the company's new strategy for delivering IT service support, allowing users a modular plug-and-play system of applications fostering a best-of-breed approach to tool selection and maximizing the value of organizations' service support investment.

Service Support Methodology
After evaluating market demand for the highest level of service support, ASG has determined that IT Service Management (ITSM) is only one element of today's most effective service support disciplines. ITSM's evolution over the years has led to many implementations and toolsets that overemphasize the "people" aspects of IT management at the expense of resource and financial management. ASG's solution to this problem is to combine the current ITSM focus on service management with resource and asset management, resulting in a strategy that places equal weight among all three elements.

Key to ASG's new service support approach is a vendor-agnostic philosophy of providing solutions that are fully compatible with, and supportive of, a wide array of tools. This balanced and open approach to service management, service automation, and asset management equips organizations to avoid the high costs associated with reloading information, retraining staff, and impractically long implementation cycles that typically accompany bundled solutions offered by a single vendor.

ASG separates its service support solution set into three functional areas:

--  Service Management: Focused on the people aspects of service support,
    supporting processes which match end user experience to expected service
--  Service Automation: Focused on the resource (hardware and software)
    aspects of service support, managing deployment of equipment and
    applications and the efficient use of resources 
--  Asset Management: Focused on the financial aspects of service support
    managing inventory, vendors and contracts 

This year, to launch its service support strategy, ASG will introduce offerings focused on dependency and discovery mapping, change and configuration management, and software license management -- all of which will be capable of integrating with third-party and custom software, allowing existing IT investments and organizational knowledge to be fully leveraged. These new deliveries will enhance ASG's existing service support solutions, which include ASG-Automation Center™ and ASG's metaCMDB™.


Ian Rowlands, Senior Director of Product Management, ASG

"The shift in IT management focus has limited attention to a subset of service support aspects, which has encouraged some vendors to lock purchasers into an 'all-or-nothing' environment. Because ASG's approach concentrates on all aspects of the management challenge, we've designed solutions that play well with others, which allow organizations to purchase only the technologies they truly need."

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