SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwire - February 17, 2010) - The Children's Internet, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: CITC), in association with The Children's Internet Holding Company and The KidWideWeb, Inc. (collectively, the "CITC Team"), announced today the release of its new "Parent-Based" video, which introduces its updated and award winning children's internet security. The video was developed in conjunction with "IDEAS -- The Innovation Studio," formerly part of the Walt Disney Company and a strategic alliance partner of the CITC Team. IDEAS has brought its world class pedigree to the messaging of this video.

According to Richard J. Lewis, CEO of CITC, "Parents are faced with a difficult dilemma when confronting the dangers of the internet. The same computer that can be an educational, multi-media playground, and a community center for their children, can also be extremely dangerous if its use goes unchecked. Still, parents want their children to learn, play, grow, and connect with friends on the internet. But how can they be sure they're surfing safe and secure without camping out over their shoulder?" This Parent-Based video will explain the many facets of our cutting-edge technology, including our Secure-Chat, Secure-Search, Secure-Browse, and Secure-Email (collectively "the Platform"). Mr. Lewis added, "Parents will surely see how fun and kid-friendly the Platform is and how easy it is for parents to monitor and change."

Daniel Schoenthal, one of CITC's technical gurus, likes to speak simply to parents, because he's one too. "Sure, I could go on about all of the patented technology that makes the Platform such a secure environment for children, but I like to put it this way to parents: It's like having your own full time staff of educators screening and custom tailoring the internet to meet your child's specific age and interest level, as well as your family preferences. It's that simple, and what parent wouldn't want that level of supervision working for them?"

A password and code to view the Parent-Based video can be obtained by going to

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