HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - February 19, 2010) - Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. (PLANET) (PINKSHEETS: PRRY), developer, manufacturer and marketer of PetroLuxus™ and other "Green" technologies for the remediation and recovery of the planet's resources, is pleased to announce that the company representatives from Planet Resource Recovery, Franklin Mining and MidWest General are scheduled to visit and conduct a site-survey of the San Antonio de Turiri Antimony Mine in Bolivia. The Joint Venture Partners will conduct the site-survey at the second week of March to strategize the most expedient path to revenues.

Planet announced its JV partnership with MidWest General, LLC on December 17, 2009 whereas Planet would deploy its "Green Technologies" in the mining and remediation industries. MidWest General will provide capital funding, construction and on-site operational management for Planet.

Planet announced its JV partnership with Franklin Mining, Inc. on February 1, 2010. Franklin Mining owns the rights to mine the San Antonio de Turiri Antimony Mine in Bolivia. This JV Agreement calls for the parties to develop and operate the mine.

The San Antonio de Turiri Antimony mine is situated on part of Bolivia's primary antimony belt. It consists of three parallel antimony vein structures approximately 1.5 kilometers in length and 3 meters in width. The main ore body ranges from 60% to 67% of pure antimony. The surrounding shale host rock, secondary ore body, consists of 5% - 10% antimony. To date, according to geological studies and laboratory analysis, less than 5% of Turiri's reserves have been mined.

Antimony is a chemical element that has a broad range of applications in manufacturing of industrial and consumer products. It is used in numerous industries such as: semiconductors, flame retardants, storage batteries, electronics, pharmaceuticals, paints, ceramics alloys, rubber and the ammunitions. Bolivia is one of the five top producing countries in the world. China dominates production of antimony and Bolivia produces approximately 3.5% of the annual world demand. Commodity pricing for antimony has steadily risen from a little over US$ 1000.00 per ton to present day (January 2010) pricing of US$ 6,400.00 per ton.

The parties anticipate that upon the site-survey completion, the first phase of mining operation will be underway within 90 days.

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Houston, Texas-based Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. is the developer, manufacturer, and marketer of unique, environmentally friendly proprietary chemical compounds and processes that will usher in a new paradigm shift in industry. The company is primarily focused on three distinct sectors: 1) Oil & Gas Industry with PetroLuxus™, 2) Remediation of mining toxic byproducts and 3) mining of base and precious metals. The company has developed multi-dimensional compounds and their related processes, technologies and methodologies to provide these sectors enhanced benefits and revenue opportunities. For more information visit: www.planetresource.com or www.petroluxus.com.

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