LONDON--(Marketwire - February 19, 2010) -  Cheapflights Media, formerly Cheapflights Ltd., today announced the beta launch of Zugu™, its new flight search engine that simplifies search so travellers can easily compare and select from among the lowest available airfares on the web. not only quickly shows great fares but also provides the simplest tools for making price, time and airline tradeoffs.

"We pioneered flight deals online, starting in 1996, and now I'm excited to announce we've launched a complementary search experience for travellers to find great fares on specific flights," said Hugo Burge, Cheapflights Media Chairman. "We saw an opportunity to further empower consumers who know when and where they want to fly. Zugu's sleek design and powerful search technology helps consumers zero in with precision on the low fares that are specifically relevant for them."

"Who says simple can't be powerful?" said Chris Cuddy, Cheapflights Media CEO. "Zugu doesn't just display low airfares, it weights the best dates, times and airlines for each visitor. You no longer have to be a rocket scientist to find great fares in an instant."

Zugu simplifies price comparison, scans the widest selection of airlines and displays the results in a clean and concise format. It considers preferences such as budget, schedule, and preferred carrier, and summarizes the best fares for quick comparison. Travellers can see how these factors affect price and make smarter booking decisions. Zugu is available first in the U.K.

More Partners, More Choices

With the largest number of online travel agency partners, a fantastic selection of low-cost airlines and major airlines, Zugu offers the broadest selection in a transparent format. This is a great beta platform and watch this space for more partnerships. Our mission is to have the broadest choice, lowest fares and the greatest transparency.

Simplified Price Comparison

Zugu's streamlined design makes it easy to compare across airlines, dates and times, to help travellers choose the best fare for their preferred itinerary. Zugu always highlights its lowest price, even when sorting by date or time and rolls up the results for a quick read. At a glance, travellers can see the best selection of deals from various airlines. Other options from each airline are rolled up under the lowest price option and the view can easily be expanded to see all the options available from a specific carrier.

Other Compelling Features

Zugu is the only meta site to feature handy sliders that show how prices change depending on the specific hour. The site makes it easy to choose between convenience (when you want to fly) and price (how much it will cost you to fly at a certain hour compared to cheaper options).

Since travel is often a shared experience, Zugu also makes it easy to see the total price for multiple passengers in a single view. Not only does it display the price for all passengers, but it also allows quick cost comparison for adults, children and infants.

What Does the Name Mean?

We're taking guesses. Take a look at and enter your guess. See our contest on Facebook and Twitter.

What Does Beta Mean?

It means we are excited to have Zugu live but it is young, we're learning and the real development has only just begun. This new search engine is a work-in-progress beta, with more features to come that we are especially thrilled about. Please give us feedback so we can improve and serve consumers better. What do you think? Join us for the journey, talk to us about what your needs are and watch this space.

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New Brand, New Company Name

With the launch of its second brand, Cheapflights Ltd. has changed its name to Cheapflights Media to reflect its international presence and diverse product portfolio.

About Cheapflights Media

The trusted partner in flights, Cheapflights Media is a global Internet media network that has been delivering great deals since 1996. Headquartered in London with offices in Boston and Toronto, Cheapflights Media serves advertisers and consumers through its vast portfolio of Web sites and services. Packed with travel guides, tips and the latest news and information, the Cheapflights sites are online shopping comparison engines that make it easy for consumers in local markets to research, compare and save on domestic and international trips. With brand-name deals on airline tickets from more than 250 partners and 600 airlines and a team of travel experts hand picking the best offerings, Cheapflights offers visitors a mix of deals they can't find anywhere else. Zugu, the newest brand in the Cheapflights Media portfolio, is a powerful and simple travel search engine that makes it easy to compare and select the lowest available fares online. By organizing flight options by date, airline and time, Zugu helps consumers find the best fares based on their travel terms. There are currently Cheapflights-branded sites for the U.K., U.S., Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, France and Spain. Zugu is available in the U.K.

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