SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - February 19, 2010) - According to, on February 12, 2010, U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM) issued an "all-DOD message" allowing "the limited return to use of memory sticks and thumb drives in all DOD NIPRNET, SIPRNET and JWICS computers using Windows operating systems." The caveat is that the devices must be government "procured and owned," the command said.

SPYRUS, Inc. is pleased to announce that its Secured by SPYRUS™ USB encryption devices can be ordered immediately by DoD, federal, state, local, and NATO organizations through Autonomic Resources (, a U.S. Small Business Administration Section 8(a) program participant, under DoD ESI/GSA SmartBUY Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) FA8771-07-A-0308.

The Secured by SPYRUS™ USB encryption drives include the Hydra PC Personal Encryption Device, the Hydra PC Enterprise Edition, the Hydra PC Digital Attaché, and all Hydra PC ViP (virus protected) versions.

SPYRUS is one of a handful of carefully selected vendors of hardware encrypted secure storage that have been working with Joint Task Force -- Global Network Operations (JTF-GNO) to define and implement security that prevents malware from infecting removable storage devices and then migrating from devices onto networks.

John Keese, President for Autonomic Resources explained, "Our Federal customers have been significantly affected by the DoD ban on USB drives for over one year now. The restructuring of the current ban will be well received and appreciated by our customers."

Again quoting, according to the JTF-GNO, STRATCOM has taken steps to ensure that use of the devices does not pose an unacceptable threat. In a separate message summarizing the STRATCOM notice, the task force says it has issued "minimum requirements for limited use of removable flash media devices for mission-essential operations on all operating systems and networks with direct or indirect connections to the Global Information Grid."

SPYRUS designed its hardware-based security to protect DoD and other sensitive data. Patented technologies for key management and key encryption operations shield cryptographic processing from electronic eavesdropping.

In 2008, the U.S. National Security Agency approved the Hydra PC™ Personal Encryption Device from SPYRUS as the first, and only, commercial USB encryption device to protect classified tactical data at the SECRET level and below.

According to Tom Dickens, Chief Operating Officer for SPYRUS, all Secured By SPYRUS™ USB encryption devices are based on this same Hydra PC platform and meet or exceed DoD requirements, while many so-called "secure" USB drives fail to meet any of them.

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About SPYRUS, Inc.

SPYRUS holds patents in the U.S. and abroad that enable solutions for secure authentication, secure communication, and full disk encryption, as well as patents relating to data protection and rights management for digital content. Secured by SPYRUS™ security technology is designed, developed, and manufactured in the USA to meet FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standards. SPYRUS products support the strongest commercially available cryptographic algorithms, including elliptic curve cryptography (ECC), AES, and SHA-2, collectively known as Suite B. In December 2007, the Hydra PC Personal Encryption Device became the first, and as yet the only, commercially available USB encryption device to be approved for protecting U.S. Government tactical classified data at the Secret level and below, when used in accordance with the approved operational security doctrine. SPYRUS is headquartered in San Jose, California. See for more information.

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About Autonomic Resources

Autonomic Resources is an information technology and service integration firm servicing United States Federal government civilian, intelligence and the Department of Defense agencies. Their core capabilities involve the implementation of strategic technologies related to data center automation; cloud computing; open source adoption; information assurance, next generation networking, business intelligence implementation and software development services. Autonomic is a US-based firm that services nationally as well as internationally. Autonomic is currently a Certified 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB).

All products mentioned in this press release can be purchased by federal, state, and local agencies and NATO member countries through Autonomics' GSA/ESI SmartBUY contract number FA8771-07-A-0308 -- for more information see