NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 22, 2010) - Mochila, a premium content syndication technology platform and network, has entered into a strategic agreement with NetSeer, an ad technology company that determines user intent from a Web page with better accuracy and improved performance as compared to traditional search. Under the terms of the agreement, Mochila has licensed NetSeer's concept-based advertiser and publisher solutions.

NetSeer takes a unique scientific approach to identifying Web-derived "concepts" and then applying that knowledge to a single Web page. Using this concept-based approach, Mochila's Ad Impact Platform (AIP) will serve content-based ad units that are more accurately tailored to the user's immediate needs than ads targeted by context keywords. Mochila will enhance its AIP offering with this technology to deliver relevant ads within its already targeted content.

An additional component of the partnership will allow Mochila's network to use NetSeer's publisher solution. This solution provides ad-supported links that are both conceptually relevant to a site and link to associated search ads to drive further engagement with brand advertisers.

"Mochila is the world leader in content-based ad units and now, with NetSeer's groundbreaking targeting technology, we will greatly enhance our ability to deepen engagement with a brand and reach highly relevant audiences," said Benjamin Chen, Chairman and CEO, Mochila. "We are excited to offer our clients new ways of monetizing content and expanding advertising opportunities."

The Ad Impact Platform will enhance the advertising it displays on the Web sites of its partners via contextual and behavioral targeting. Mochila's portfolio of products, which includes its sponsored sections and widgets, provides a unique, customized branding experience by packaging premium content with top-tier advertisers.

"Concept-based advertising is a very fresh take on targeted advertising," said John Mracek, CEO of NetSeer. "Entering into a partnership with a leader like Mochila presents both companies with the unique opportunity to combine personalized content and advertising in a new and exciting way. The power of this combination benefits all members of the online advertising ecosystem and, most notably, consumers."

About Mochila

Founded in 2001, Mochila's syndication and technology platform pairs premium content with advertisers in highly contextual, fully customizable units. With our extensive network of premium content providers and over 1,500 top-tier distributors, Mochila can extend a brand's footprint and create large-scale advertising opportunities all supported by deep-dive metrics. Mochila's mission is to Amplify, Surround and Attract: Publishers expand their audience for larger ad deals; Advertisers deepen engagement by surrounding their brand with relevant content, and destination sites draw more audience and revenue with premium content. Partners include The Associated Press, Reuters, AFP, Getty, WENN, Gannett, Tribune Company, Belo Corporation, Media General, Scripps, Investor's Business Daily, AMI, Rodale, U.S. News & World Report, IDG, Hearst Corporation, Greenspun Media Group, in addition to AnchorFree and Topix. In addition to its own ad sales team, Mochila has partnerships with a number of the world's leading ad networks as well as the sales teams of participating publishers. Mochila has operations in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Carlsbad, Calif. For more information, visit

About NetSeer

NetSeer, Inc. is an ad technology company that determines user intent from a web page with the same accuracy as traditional search. NetSeer's breakthrough technology has delivered measurable gains in online ad performance previously unattainable in Internet advertising. NetSeer received its initial funding in 2007 from Onset Ventures and Mission Ventures. The company is located in Santa Clara, CA. For more information, please visit

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