NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 23, 2010) -   10gen, the sponsor of the MongoDB project, today announced the speakers for the inaugural NoSQL Live conference, which will take place Thursday, March 11 at the John Hancock Hotel and Conference Center in Boston.

More than 25 experts in the development and deployment of non-relational databases will gather to discuss the growing number of practical use cases for NoSQL in production. NoSQL Live is designed to give a view of how NoSQL products across the spectrum can be leveraged to meet new operational data storage challenges in web infrastructure and beyond.

"We couldn't have hoped for a better lineup at NoSQL Live in Boston," said Dwight Merriman, co-founder and CEO of 10gen. "Attendees will hear firsthand from NoSQL experts who are actively transforming the promise of highly scalable, high performance databases that solve real business problems into a reality."

Session topics at NoSQL Live will include scaling with NoSQL, NoSQL in the cloud, schema design with document-oriented databases, the evolution of graph data structure from research to production, the enterprise adoption of NoSQL, and toward web standards for NoSQL. In addition to speakers and panels, the conference will also include lightning talks and a NoSQL Lab for practical exploration of working with specific NoSQL products.

A list of confirmed speakers, panelists, and moderators includes:

-- Dwight Merriman, CEO, 10gen
-- Eliot Horowitz, CTO, 10gen
-- Adam Kocoloski, CTO, Cloudant
-- Alan Hoffman, CEO, Cloudant
-- Durran Jordan, Senior Developer, Hashrocket
-- Les Hill, Software Adventurer, Hashrocket
-- Marko Rodriguez, Graph Systems Architect, AT&T Interactive
-- Ryan King, Technical Lead, Storage Team, Twitter
-- Alex Feinberg, Senior Software Engineer, LinkedIn
-- Jonathan Ellis, Systems Architect, The Rackspace Cloud
-- Sandro Hawke, Software Developer and Systems Architect, W3C
-- Benjamin Day, Microsoft MVP
-- Ryan Rawson, Systems Architect, StumbleUpon
-- Bryan Fink, Senior Software Developer, Basho Technologies
-- Rusty Klophaus, Senior Software Engineer, Basho Technologies
-- Adam Wiggins, Co-founder, Heroku
-- Mark Atwood, Director of Community Development, Gear6
-- Sourav Mazumder, Principal Technology Architect, Infosys Technologies Limited
-- Tim Anglade, CTO, GemKitty
-- Bradford Stephens, Founder, Drawn to Scale
-- Doug Judd, CEO, Hypertable
-- Daniel Rinehart, Chief Software Architect, Allurent
-- Emil Eifrém, CEO, Neo Technology
-- Paul Davis, Research Assistant, New England Biolabs
-- Borislav Iordanov, Software Architecture Consultant, Kobrix
-- Jim Wilson, Lead Software Engineer, Vistaprint
-- James Williams, Software Engineer, BT/Ribbit

Co-sponsors of NoSQL Live include Cloudant and Hashrocket along with media sponsors O'Reilly Media and GigaOm. For those interested in presenting or sponsoring, contact Meghan Gill, event coordinator, at Early bird registration for the event costs $40 and ends today, February 23. For additional details or to register for NoSQL Live, visit:

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10gen develops the MongoDB database, which makes data storage for web applications fast and easy. MongoDB is a high-performance, document oriented (JSON-style) database. 10gen is part of AlleyCorp, a network of affiliated companies founded by Kevin Ryan and Dwight Merriman, the former CEO and CTO of DoubleClick. For more information, visit

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