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Digging Into Geothermal Questions: As State Tax Incentives Make Clean Energy Options More Attractive, Curiosity and Questions Build

30-Year Commercial and Residential Alternative Energy Expert Available to Dispel Geothermal Myths and Provide Facts

FLORENCE, MA--(Marketwire - February 23, 2010) - As geothermal continues to gain traction as a viable and cost-effective heating, cooling and hot water alternative, states are beginning to offer substantial financial incentives for its deployment in commercial and residential settings. Federal and state incentives can mean an ROI of less than five years for many geothermal installations. For homeowners, geothermal energy has suddenly gone from exclusive and out-of-reach to a highly attractive investment.

With any new technology and up-front investment come questions, uncertainty and hesitation. Sam Johnston, a 30-year alternative energy veteran and Geothermal Program Manager at Terraclime Geothermal is available to provide perspective on the most common geothermal questions in terms home and business owners can understand.

Questions such as:

-- Does geothermal really work?

-- Can I install geothermal in any geographic area, or only a warm one?

-- Will I need a back-up system?

-- How much will it cost me up-front?

-- When can I expect to see a return on my investment?

-- What kinds of state and federal incentives are available?

-- Do I need a large outdoor area to install a geothermal system?

-- Is my house a good candidate for geothermal?

"We've now reached a perfect storm of lower costs, technology maturation, the ability to install geothermal using only a few square feet of outdoor space, and financial incentives that represent the icing on geothermal energy's cake," says Johnston. "With geothermal energy providing heating, cooling and hot water, its popularity is skyrocketing in areas like New England, where residents and businesses have year-round energy requirements."

Contact Information: Members of the media interested in speaking with Mr. Johnston, please contact: Perrin McCormick or Ashley Bell Hart-Boillot 781-893-0053