SAUGUS, MA--(Marketwire - February 24, 2010) - IonSense, Inc. today announced the availability of the 3+D Scanner for rapid chemical analysis of surfaces. The 3+D Scanner is interfaced to the DART®-SVP open-air ionization source, which was introduced at Pittcon 2009. The device enables rapid mass spectrometry analysis of chemicals on surfaces such as food, packaging materials, fabrics, consumer products, electrical components, and wafers. Automated surface analysis can be accomplished without placing the sample under high vacuum as in traditional surface analysis. The Apple® iPod-based controller directs the analysis of the entire surface for uniformity or allows you to choose specific locations, thus enabling rapid characterization of contaminants with no sample preparation. 

The 3+D Scanner can hold large format (up to 96-well titer plate size) samples and can scan in an X-Y direction under computer control while the height is adjusted to accommodate sample thickness. "The big advantage of using the 3+D Scanner is the ease with which users can check the distribution of chemicals on objects and identify contaminants and toxins. Additionally DART users can generate high quality MS and MS/MS data without cutting their sample into small pieces," according to Brian Musselman, IonSense President and CEO. "There are dozens of methods for surface analysis presented at the Pittcon, but the simplicity of DART's open air sampling coupled with the power of mass spectrometry gives our users a powerful tool to combat contaminants."

DART-SVP Sources can be field upgraded with the 3+D Scanner. The device complements the existing line-up of Experimental Blocks designed for tablet analysis, synthesis products on TLC plates, and chemicals in solutions. All of these accessories take advantage of the "No Sample Prep - Go Direct" speed of the DART technology.

IonSense, Inc. will be exhibiting at Booth Number 3020 at the Pittcon Conference and Expo 2010 in Orlando, FL from March 1 through March 4, 2010.

About IonSense, Inc.
IonSense, Inc. ( manufactures and develops direct analysis in real time (DART®) technology licensed from JEOL USA, Inc. The company manufactures DART sources and accessories for JEOL and provides those sources to users of Thermo, Agilent, AB SCIEX, Bruker, and Waters mass spectrometers. IonSense is represented in Europe by KR Analytical Ltd, in China by ASPEC Technologies, in Japan by AMR Inc., and in Korea by Omics Biotech.

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Brian Musselman, Ph.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer
IonSense, Inc.