NAPLES, FL--(Marketwire - February 25, 2010) - ASG Software Solutions, the originator of ASG's Business Service Portfolio™ (BSP) and a worldwide leader in business solutions for global enterprises, today announced its number one recommendation for enterprises that want to be successful with cloud computing: establish a carefully planned approach for managing physical and virtual environments together.

ASG's position is underscored by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) in its new report "The Responsible Cloud," co-sponsored by ASG. In this research, EMA identifies virtualization management as the first building block to creating a beneficial and reliable cloud infrastructure.

Faced with constricting IT budgets and continuous financial pressure, many organizations view cloud computing as a cost effective way to reduce expenses and increase agility. However, challenges with cloud computing arise when businesses try to manage their virtual information and data assets without a firm foundation in virtualization and infrastructure management. When organizations lack a holistic plan for managing physical and virtual environments together, they run the risk of costly cloud service outages caused by configuration management problems or performance and availability issues.

ASG's holistic approach, enabled by its BSP Virtualization Management solution, answers these challenges by ensuring that businesses have visibility and control over their virtual and physical environments before they venture into private or public clouds. To ensure that cloud computing benefits are more fully realized, ASG advises IT organizations to place equal importance on asset tracking, performance management, and capacity assessment within their heterogeneous IT environments.


Ed Hallock, Senior Director for Solutions Management
"One of the first lessons our customers learned with virtualization was that they couldn't ignore what was happening in the infrastructure just because they wanted to become more agile and reduce physical server infrastructure. Customers are increasingly learning that a traditional approach to performance, capacity, and asset management across both the virtual and physical infrastructure is needed to achieve virtualization's potential benefits across the entire enterprise. Most cloud deployments are based on virtual infrastructures, but virtualization management is something that often isn't top-of-mind until there is a customer issue or service outage."

Andi Mann, Vice President of Research, Systems & Storage Management, EMA
"A carefully planned approach that begins with a firm foundation in virtualization and infrastructure management will be increasingly important as cloud technology matures and deployments increase in scale. Indeed, without effective virtualization, virtual system management, and virtual service management, IT will lose visibility, control, reliability, security, and compliance, causing increased costs, poor service, and other major business problems."

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Research report: The Responsible Cloud  (Andi Mann, EMA)

Article: "Blinded by the Virtualization Hype," Information Management (Ed Hallock, ASG)

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