FRISCO, TX--(Marketwire - March 10, 2010) - Last week, the Land Mobile Radio business unit of PlantCML, an EADS North America company, successfully completed a Project 25 (P25) Inter-RF Sub-System Interface (ISSI) multi-vendor interoperability test event. Successful completion of these ISSI test scenarios per the TIA proposed ISSI Recommended Compliance Assessment Tests, or RCAT, demonstrates that PlantCML's CORP25 radio subsystem can establish interoperable voice communications with other vendors P25 radio networks. This event is significant as these tests are the first step in validating proposed ISSI standards based interoperability tests that will ultimately be recognized as part of the Department of Homeland Security and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Project 25 Compliance Assessment Program (P25 CAP).

P25 was established to address the need for common digital public safety radio communications standards for first responders and homeland security/emergency response professionals. The Inter-RF Sub-System Interface standard specifies the interface between RF subsystems which allows them to be connected into wide area networks. 

"We are committed to providing open, interoperable radio network solutions to meet the communication needs of the public safety community," said Steve Shanck, Executive Vice President and General Manager. "The successful testing of interoperability between CORP25 and other vendor RF subsystems using the ISSI standard is just one more demonstration of that commitment." 

Tests were conducted using production products in TIA proposed interoperability test scenarios and demonstrated the ability of the ISSI standard to meet the interoperability needs of the public safety community. The CORP25 radio subsystem successfully demonstrated its ability to perform ISSI group registration as well as set-up and tear-down voice calls.

Other vendors participating in the ISSI interoperability test event included: Etherstack, Harris, Motorola, PowerTrunk, Raytheon, and Tait.

In addition to participating in this multi-vendor ISSI test event, PlantCML-EADS successfully tested the ability to establish voice calls between CORP25 and Raytheon's P25Net radio subsystem in August 2009. PlantCML-EADS, along with Tait, also played a key role in the creation of the P25 Compliance Assessment Program (CAP) lab in Houston and jointly hosted the Common Air Interface (CAI) CAP test conducted there last December.

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