WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - March 18, 2010) -  BeClose, the new wireless home monitoring system that connects caregivers to care receivers through BeClose.com, announced the commercial launch of their aging-in-place product today during the National Council on Aging and the American Society on Aging's week-long conference in Chicago. The setting was the largest gathering of a diverse, multidisciplinary community of professionals from the fields of aging, healthcare and education.

BeClose works as unobtrusive, wireless sensors placed throughout the home transmit information to BeClose.com, where caregivers can log in to monitor daily activities. The real time information can also be sent to hand-held devices for mobile alerts and the ability to monitor from anywhere.

"BeClose allows aging family members to stay in their homes when they feel strongly about maintaining their independence," said Liddy Manson, the Company's president. "Most often the Caregivers are immediate family members, and the Caregivers that we talked to during our product testing phase want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their loved ones are going through their daily routines successfully. They want this knowledge without constantly intruding on their privacy or calling all the time."

Dr. Mark Hanson, who leads the company's Product Development efforts, is one of the country's leading experts on wireless health and a frequent speaker on the subject of geriatric technology. He added, "unlike cumbersome pendants that rely on the elderly to activate them if something happens, the wireless sensors of BeClose provide hands free, continual information about activity in the home -- staying in bed, using the bathroom, doors and windows or other personalized activities you choose to monitor." The sensors then alert caregivers to unusual activity patterns and send real-time information to computers and mobile devices. Dr. Hanson emphasized the importance of watching these overall aging trends and possible signs for intervention rather than waiting for a fall or major health event.

The BeClose system has already been piloted with a study group of seniors in various parts of the U.S. and Canada that included Manson's 80-year-old mother who lives alone in Boston.

A recent report released by AARP (2010) and the National Alliance for Care Giving reported that 30% of Americans are caregivers, spending about 19 hours a week providing care for an elderly parent or a loved one. In addition, the fastest growing segment of the population, now at 40 million, is the group of individuals, aged 65 and over. And with the recent financial crisis and recession, much of the elderly population plan to stay in their homes longer, making 'aging in place' a major trend that is creating high demand for solutions to meet the needs of this segment. The BeClose system was designed to fill the demand for caregivers who are not able to check on aging family members, but are concerned about their safety and well being.

About BeClose
The company is privately funded and a technology partner with alarm.com. By leveraging the patented alarm.com technology platform, BeClose can scale usage on a proven system that processes more than 25 Million security and safety events every month. BeClose headquarters are outside of Washington, DC. For more information, visit www.beclose.com