DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - March 29, 2010) - In a recent interview on WVSN, Industry Visions, Chris Hess, Manager of Engineering for Harrington Hoists, Inc., said that plant safety managers are increasingly concerned about catastrophic load drop danger from hoists that have conventional braking systems.

"The brake is a very critical component responsible for holding the load...when you are not lowering or lifting, it is the brake that holds the load. In the case of conventional braking systems, the brake is somewhat separate from the motor. In that case, the motor can fail but the brake can still operate. Here's the operator can have a load on the hook when suddenly the motor single phases or burns out, and he doesn't know it. He pushes the up button, and now the motor will not respond...but the brake will! That's where you get the concern about 'load Drop Danger.'

"In our hoists, the smart brake is in series or in line with the motor. If there is a failure of any kind in the motor, the brake circuit can't actuate. With our hoist the same scenario: If there's a problem with the motor the operator doesn't know about when he presses one of the buttons, the brake will not open. Therefore, you have averted a load drop danger."

With the Harrington braking system there are no adjustments or spare parts that need to be on hand. What's more, our propriety braking material is extremely long-lasting. In fact, we are so confident of our 'Smarting Brake Technology' that it comes with an unprecedented 10 year warranty, regardless of usage.

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