CLEVELAND, OH--(Marketwire - April 14, 2010) -

  • ECRM, an Ohio based trade event and software company, recently introduced the Checklane and Front End EPPS event, which will take place June 15-17, 2010 in Adventura, Florida. The event is the first event of its kind to focus on the checklane category.
  • Using ECRM's pre-scheduled, one-on-one meeting format, retailers will be linked with checklane suppliers, fixture designers, service providers and RDA collection service providers.
  • The event will also feature an educational presentation presented by Raymond D. Jones of Dechert-Hampe & Co. "Front-End Focus" is a comprehensive industry study of shopper behavior and retailer sales results at the front-end checkout. It outlines a set of Best Practices designed to maximize performance and enhance the shopper experience.
  • The event will additionally feature a private roundtable event sponsored by Progressive Grocer. "The Future of the Front End & Checklane" will allow retailers to discuss current trends in the industry.
  • To register for this event, please contact Ed Reilly, ECRM's VP of Grocery, at or 508-533-3725.

"We are really excited about the Checklane and Front End event and think the category has great potential. There is overwhelming information that points to the need for this type of event; it's a 37 billion dollar category without a dedicated event. This is an excellent opportunity for retailers and checklane suppliers to make a valuable connection and make the most of this category," explained Ed Reilly.

"'Front-End Focus' is a comprehensive research effort designed to identify Best Practices and maximize performance at the Front-End. We are pleased that it will be a featured program at the ECRM Checklane event," Raymond D. Jones said of his presentation.

"The front end checkout has remained virtually unchanged for the past 50 years," says Joseph Tarnowski, senior editor at Progressive Grocer. "We want to talk about its future and discuss how the checkout is managed, checkout designs, front-end displays, front-end technology and more with retailers attending this event."

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