FREMONT, CA--(Marketwire - April 14, 2010) -  Nick Renton, author of "Compendium of Good Writing" and "Enjoy Your English!" has won first and second prize in the Online Gobbledygook, Gibberish and Jargon Awards. All the entries are available at

The awards highlight the "best-of-the-worst" gobbledygook on the Web, including techno-babble, legalese, bureaucratese and other meaningless phrases, vague generalities and nonsensical writing.

Renton's "social relations" entry, an excerpt from the article "Further Reflections on the Conversations of Our Time" (Diacritics, spring 1997), won first prize because it was "incomprehensible," "full of jargon" and "self-important." One judge admitted that he "had no clue about the speaker's subject matter" and "would not want to hang out with anyone who did."

Renton's other submission, the "royal commission," won second prize because it was "a great example of using 92 words when 20 would have sufficed."

Nancy Friedman of Wordworking got third prize with her entry of an ad touting the "bewildering wild beauty" of Givenchy heels.

"We hope that this award will inspire organizations to look at how they communicate, and stamp out -- or at least reduce -- the amount of gobbledygook in the world,'" said Kay Paumier, a marketing-communications consultant and founder of the Online Gobbledygook, Gibberish and Jargon Awards.

All types of writing are eligible for the Online Gobbledygook, Gibberish and Jargon Awards, including websites, articles and news releases, as long as the item can be verified online.

In addition to Paumier, the judges were:

  • Richard Lederer, author of more than 30 books about language, history, and humor, including his best-selling "Anguished English" series;
  • Adam Freeman, one of America's leading commentators on law and author of the book "The Party of the First Part";
  • Jeff Rubin, the Newsletter Guy who founded Punctuation Playtime and National Punctuation Day; and
  • Matthew Stibbe, writer-in-chief at Articulate Marketing and author of the Bad Language blog about writing.

About the Gobbledygook Awards

The Online Gobbledygook, Gibberish and Jargon Awards are sponsored by the California-based Communications Plus marketing-communications and public relations firm ( For more information visit, e-mail or call 510-656-8512.

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