ST. LOUIS, MO--(Marketwire - April 14, 2010) -  IP Possibilities -- It is an accepted conclusion in today's ultra-competitive communications services marketplace that successful providers will continually seek to bring new services to their subscribers and expand their market reach. Such is the case with two established carriers in Utah -- All West Communications and STRATA Networks -- who together serve close to 60,000 customers with a wide variety of services.

"We have always been a pioneer when it comes to deploying the latest technology," said Tony Di Stefano, president of operations and 30-year veteran at All West. "We were the first in the state to become an ISP, launch IPTV, and install FTTH, plus we were the seventh domain registry in the country. That's quite a lot, considering we started out as a local exchange carrier in 1912." 

And that's not the last of the story. All West, located near Park City, Utah, provided high-speed data at several venues of the 2002 Olympics and provides nationwide wireless services and web hosting for companies around the globe. The company is slated to serve 30,000 new customers in a resort/residential community being added in their territory. Metaswitch infrastructure and applications will serve these new customers as well as the existing 7,700 residential and business customers.

STRATA Networks was originally known as Uintah Basin Telephone when first formed as a cooperative in 1948. Since then, the company has layered on new services to keep its owner-customers equipped with what they need: advanced voice, satellite & cable TV, broadband, wireless, and long distance services. 

"We have experienced many changes since the inception of our company more than 60 years ago," said Scott Wickel, plant development manager at STRATA. "We have grown from a few hundred voice subscribers in a few rural communities, to more than 50,000 subscribers across three states. Our customers use a variety of advanced telecommunications services provided by our company to connect their lives. We are very excited about the new services made available to our customers through the partnership with Metaswitch."

Both STRATA and All West are among the eight telephone companies serving the state whose backbone services are provided by the Utah Fiber Network (UFN), which is also built on Metaswitch.

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