ROCHESTER, NY--(Marketwire - April 14, 2010) -  Ellie Phillips, DDS, believes that anyone can improve his or her own dental heath.

While Dr. Ellie, as she prefers to be called, is frustrated by her profession's acceptance of practices that don't prevent cavities and gum disease, first reactions to her passionate advocacy of a naturally occurring sweetener called xylitol (pronounced ZIE-lih-tol) can be skeptical.

"I know it sounds contrary -- and almost too good to be true -- that xylitol tastes exactly like sugar and actually promotes dental health, but it's a fact," says the feisty Upstate NY dentist, and backs it up with scientific evidence in her new book, "Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye" (Greenleaf Book Group Press).

Xylitol is extracted from the fibers of fruits and vegetables and has been used as a diabetic sugar substitute as well as a public health measure in many countries for decades. 

"In China, you'll find xylitol gum at any Wal-Mart checkout, but most people in America have never heard of it," she says. Out of necessity, Dr. Ellie began distributing her own brand of 100% xylitol products called Zellies in 2003.

Xylitol use, along with a simple regimen of specific over-the-counter mouth rinses and toothpaste, make up Dr. Ellie's do-it-yourself daily mouth care system:

  • Pre-Rinse - Rinsing before brushing with a stabilized chlorine-dioxide rinse called Closys will neutralize mouth acids, protect from toothbrush abrasion and remove bacteria found in gum pockets.
  •  Brushing - Dr. Ellie recommends regular Crest toothpaste -- none of the dozens of fancy new varieties -- and a clean toothbrush.
  • Listerine Rinse - After brushing, give your mouth a strong antiseptic rinse with basic Listerine to kill any still-lurking germs.
  • ACT Rinse - Due to Listerine's acidic nature, Dr. Ellie recommends a protective rinse immediately afterwards with ACT.
  • Chewing Gum - 100% xylitol gum will truly clean your teeth. Studies on xylitol have shown that it can safely remove plaque, help prevent decay, and promote healing of early cavities. (

"Just imagine the benefits, especially for at-risk children, the elderly and the un-insured!"

About Ellie Phillips, DDS: Dr. Ellie believes in minimal intervention dentistry and oral health education materials aimed at public empowerment. She has specialties in pediatric and geriatric dentistry from Eastman Dental Center, and experience with special needs children and the developmentally disabled. Find out more at

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