NEW YORK, NY and LONDON and HONG KONG--(Marketwire - April 14, 2010) - Paladyne Systems, Inc., a leading provider of technology and services to the global hedge fund industry, today announced that 60 clients have implemented Paladyne Portfolio Master™, a multi-asset class trading and real-time portfolio management solution. Paladyne also announced a number of new "live" production clients including: Belay Partners, Timescape Global Capital Management, Blue Rice Investment Management, Farema Capital, Linzor Asset Management, MissionPoint Investment Partners, Phalanx Capital Management and Saka Capital.

Paladyne Portfolio Master is a unique combination of front-office trading tools and comprehensive middle- and back-office portfolio management functionality including electronic trading and order management, pre-/post-trade compliance, real-time P&L, risk monitoring, and NAV accounting. Paladyne Portfolio Master™ was designed specifically for global hedge fund managers and is available either as a fully-hosted Application Service Provider (ASP) solution or as a local installation at a client site.

"We are experiencing increased demand for our combined trading and portfolio management solution, particularly in Europe and Asia, and amongst global start-up fund managers," said Sameer Shalaby, CEO of Paladyne Systems. "Today's hedge fund managers require a comprehensive single vendor solution that can be deployed quickly and cost effectively. We invested heavily into our products to deliver the industry's only combined OMS/PMS solution that is fully-hosted and able to support a fund manager's entire business."

"By adding Paladyne Portfolio Master to our existing infrastructure, we have significantly improved our trading and operational workflow and eliminated hours of daily manual work," said Chris McGuire, Chief Investment Officer of Phalanx Capital. "Paladyne's full service hosted platform automates our daily processes and provides direct communication to brokers and market data providers with a full monitoring service to ensure that all of our processes run successfully and on schedule."

Linzor Asset Management, a Chilean-based hedge fund, selected Paladyne Portfolio Master as its new front and middle-office trading and portfolio management platform. "We faced a number of operating inefficiencies given our limited portfolio management tools and manual middle-office processes," said Jacqueline Walker, Chief Operating Officer of Linzor. "Paladyne's combined order and portfolio management capabilities have completely streamlined our operations. We now have single-entry trade processing, automated trade file delivery and reconciliation with our service providers, real-time position and P&L tracking and NAV reporting."

About Paladyne Systems, Inc.
Paladyne Systems, Inc. (, a leading provider of technology and services to the global hedge fund industry, develops and distributes products designed to streamline hedge fund operations while providing business efficiency and cost savings throughout the organization. Paladyne offers a fully-hosted technology platform known as the PALADYNE® suite which is capable of supporting the front- to back-office requirements of today's most comprehensive hedge funds. The PALADYNE® suite is an integrated set of applications including: trading and order management, portfolio management, portfolio accounting, global security master, data warehousing and custom reporting, pricing and valuation, and automated reconciliation. Paladyne was formed through an acquisition of its technology platform from a large US-based multi-strategy hedge fund.

The PALADYNE suite includes the following modules:

  • Paladyne Portfolio Master™ - provides electronic trading, order management and allocation, portfolio management, real-time P&L, and strategy-based performance tracking.
  • Paladyne Credit Master™ - provides loan processing and administration to fully support loan trading, analysis, reporting, and management.
  • Paladyne Analytics Master™ - provides portfolio analytics, data aggregation, and custom reporting tools.
  • Paladyne Security Master™ - provides a centralized terms and conditions repository and distribution engine with real-time updates and corporate action alerts.
  • Paladyne Price Master™ - provides automated collection, storage, and time series analysis of prices and market data from any third-party sources.

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