MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - April 15, 2010) -  MediaBeacon, Inc., a leading provider of rich media solutions, today announced that MediaBeacon's digital asset manager is the only solution that can run on the new Apple iPad. This new tablet will expand the ability of consumers and business people alike in capturing, managing and engaging with their rich content through a browser. 

MediaBeacon's solution is built on the open HTML5 standard through the use of the Google Web Toolkit. As this standard is supported by all browsers, including the iPhone and iPad releases of Safari, there are no issues in having a complete desktop experience in the browser.

"Because other asset managers have decided to develop their solution on proprietary plug-ins like Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe Flex or Flash, they will not be able to be supported in the browser of the Apple iPhone or the new iPad," states Jason Bright, CTO and Founder of MediaBeacon. "We see this new client moving into the business world for education, creative people, medical and corporate field personnel who need rich media -- ondemand. The opportunity for people to learn, interact and communicate with this new device is endless -- but only if you have solutions that are not bogged down by proprietary technology."

Mr Bright continues, "With other DAM vendors who use now banned intermediate technologies on the browser, your solution carries a heavy network cost that with the Apple products needs to be considered on a 3G network. With our open client, the network bandwidth is minimized and very light. Performance and positive user expectation is maintained."

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MediaBeacon, Inc. is the leading provider of Digital Asset Management, Faceted Search and secure role-based media distribution portals of digital content technology. With some of the largest DAM deployments known and hundreds of global enterprise customers, MediaBeacon is a proven leader in the industry. For more information, visit http://www.MediaBeacon.com

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