MAYNARD, MA--(Marketwire - April 21, 2010) -  For business-critical database and business intelligence applications with little to no tolerance for downtime, Stratus Technologies, Inc. announced today its support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 running on Stratus ftServer® systems for continuous availability. The Intel Xeon processor-based ftServer line brings the added dimension of true fault tolerance with 99.9999 percent field-proven uptime to the superior scalability, reliability and security designed into Microsoft's newest database software release.

SQL Server 2008 R2 running on the Stratus ftServer platform is expected to compete effectively with, and at a fraction of the cost of, comparable database implementations using standard x86 servers, just as current deployments do. Compared to alternative hardware failover configurations, the ftServer system is completely self-contained and ready to work out of the box with no software modifications and scripting required.

"The latest SQL Server technology delivers a robust infrastructure to support business-critical applications and to scale with growing business demands," said Claude Lorenson, director of SQL Server marketing at Microsoft Corp. "For SQL Server users that also need the highest degree of hardware availability to complete their solution, the ftServer system from Stratus Technologies has a decade-long record of uptime performance that only a fault-tolerant server architecture can deliver."

In benchmark testing completed in March by Microsoft's SQL Performance Testing Lab, a fault-tolerant ftServer system running DSS and OLTP workload tests at 100 percent CPU capacity had less than a three percent performance difference compared to a similarly configured x86 server running an identical workload. There were no errors in any transaction or queries.

"SQL Server 2008 R2 packs quite a punch with performance, predictability and controls so important to managing critical database applications," said Roy Sanford, chief marketing officer at Stratus. "Power those applications with our family of Xeon 5500 processor-based ftServer systems and you have a database engine with industry-leading reliable, serviceable uptime -- and no compromises in performance."

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