DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - May 11, 2010) -  In a recent appearance on Industry Visions Radio WVSN, Steve Oslica, of Pittsburgh Corning, commented on the dangers of fire at industrial plants and solutions available to decrease risk.

"Investigations that always follow industrial fires and explosions almost always point to catalysts that were never considered a threat," said Oslica. "That's why they are called 'industrial accidents.'

"In industrial environments that deal in flammables, flammable liquid-soaked insulation presents a clear and present danger of an industrial calamity waiting to happen!

"Improperly selected and/or installed insulation may allow the condition to exist without the knowledge of plant safety managers. With the rush to save energy in this tight economy, plant managers may be opening the door to catastrophe without knowing it," explained Oslica.

Oslica suggests FOAMGLAS® insulation to help prevent the danger of industrial fires. "FOAMGLAS insulation is the right insulation for industrial plant fire safety, energy savings, sustainability and process control," said Oslica. "Why? Because FOAMGLAS insulation is made of glass and will not burn! It's made from sand, one of the most abundantly available natural resources in the world, making it environmentally benign from cradle to grave."

According to Oslica, FOAMGLAS insulation also provides total sustainability with one installation, whether the process is scalding hot or cryogenic cold.

"The FOAMGLAS team is standing by to show you the long-term financial benefit of FOAMGLAS with time tested historical performance, not just lab data," said Oslica. "It's as easy as ONE... FOAMGLAS ONE."

Contact Information:

Steve Oslica
Pittsburgh Corning Marketing Director
(800) 624 - 2120