ENNEPETAL, GERMANY--(Marketwire - May 12, 2010) -  Alanod-Solar, the worldwide leader in advanced reflective and absorptive solar surfaces, today revealed that Chromasun's next generation Micro-Concentrator (MCT) rooftop cooling system will be showcased at its booth at Intersolar in Munich on June 09-11, 2010.

The lightweight, low-profile MCT module uses Alanod-Solar metal mirrors in a utility-scale solar cooling system packaged for rooftop deployment. The technology is designed to offset summertime peak loads by utilizing solar energy for commercial and industrial cooling needs. The MCT will be available for viewing in Hall C1 at Alanod-Solar's booth, number 282.

Alanod-Solar is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of advanced reflective solar surfaces on aluminum. These NREL-tested high-performance metal mirrors lead to higher efficiency, better durability and an overall lower cost of systems for solar technologies. The lightweight and formable nature of aluminum-based mirrors make them ideal for rooftop-based solutions such as Chromasun's MCT system.

The MCT is a solar thermal collector that can obtain a concentration of 25 times the sun using Alanod-Solar's lightweight, highly reflective aluminum mirrors pivoting in unison to follow the sun. Solar energy is collected from the mirrors by a selectively coated stainless steel receiver bar that can operate at temperatures up to 220 degrees Celsius. This entire optical system is enclosed within a sealed canopy to protect against the elements. The MCT is mounted on the same racking systems as conventional flat panel solar thermal collectors for ease of installation.

To schedule a time to review the MCT module with Alanod-Solar or Chromasun executives, please call Sargon Ishaya at +1 (408) 813-2970. Booth number 282 is located in Hall C1.

For more information on Alanod-Solar's reflective solar surface solutions or to learn about the company's complete line of reflecting and absorbing surfaces for solar applications, please visit http://www.alanod-solar.us or call 1-888-52-SOLAR.

To learn more about Chromasun, please visit http://www.chromasun.com.

About Chromasun
Founded in 2008, Chromasun is a leading developer and manufacturer of rooftop friendly high performance solar solutions. Chromasun's unique MCT HT solar collector provides high grade thermal energy but in a familiar flat panel format with no external moving parts. The MCT HT is designed to drive high performance air-conditioning absorption chillers and other industrial process heat applications directly from sunlight. It is the most space efficient solar technology available and can produce more energy per unit of roof area than any competing technology. As a leader in the space, the Chromasun team of engineers and professionals have decades of experience in utility scale solar, air-conditioning engineering, product development and manufacturing.

About Alanod-Solar
Alanod-Solar is a division of ALANOD Aluminum Veredlung, a thirty-year leader in surface solutions based in Ennepetal, Germany. Alanod-Solar leverages the world's most advanced development labs and production lines to create superior reflective and absorptive surface solutions. The company's long history of excellence and reliability set it apart in the industry, with the performance of its products leading to higher efficiency, better durability and an overall lower cost of systems for solar technologies.

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