MISSION, KS--(Marketwire - May 17, 2010) -  (Family Features) There are a lot of choices available for home siding, but many homeowners still value the one choice that's been around for thousands of years -- brick.

In fact, in a recent survey conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Boral Bricks, 59 percent of all homeowners with a siding preference would choose brick for their homes.

If you're buying, building or renovating a home, it may be time to consider some of the benefits of brick.

Energy Efficiency
Brick has exceptional thermal mass, which is the ability of a heavy, dense material to store heat and then slowly release it. According to the Brick Industry Association (BIA), this means in summer, brick slowly absorbs heat from the sun and helps keep your home cooler during the hottest part of the day. In winter, brick holds the house's heat longer, keeping it warmer.

Low Maintenance
Brick's durability eliminates the need for exterior maintenance. It doesn't need to be painted and it doesn't rot, fade, warp, dent or become brittle. It's not compromised by mold, rot, bacteria or termites. Brick stands up to the elements and is fireproof. With a 100 year lifespan, brick outlasts most exterior cladding products on the market today

Good Value
Because brick is so strong and long lasting, it can add to the value of your home. According to the BIA, on average, a brick exterior enhances the resale value of a home by 6 percent. Brick is a premium product, but isn't as expensive as you might think. In many parts of the country, a new brick home costs just a small percentage more than a comparable vinyl-sided home.

Classic Beauty
When you think of brick homes, you may think of historic examples such as Jefferson's Monticello. While the classic beauty of those red bricks is still popular, there are a wide variety of colors you can choose from today. The color of bricks is determined by the type of clay used, firing temperatures and natural additives like sand and limestone. Colors range from reds and burgundies to whites and buffs, providing a broad palette of choices.

Natural and Sustainable
Bricks emit no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are made from some of the most abundant resources on the planet -- clay and shale. Brick creates little waste when manufactured, and Boral Bricks reclaims land at extraction locations according to federal and state guidelines, which often includes replanting with trees or lake development. Find out more about brick's sustainability at BoralBricks.com.