BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - May 17, 2010) -

Please join me, our research consultant and representatives from DEVO, our musical division, for a very important live streaming announcement to take place tomorrow, Tuesday, May 18, 2010, as we reveal the results of the DEVO Song Study. Your attendance is essential in our endeavor to make your consumer experience more enjoyable and satisfying as we go forward. An assembly of journalists, historians and various concerned citizens will be on hand at a non-disclosed corporate meeting center outside of Akron, Ohio to document this special DEVO Inc. moment as it is transmitted throughout the world. Please do your duty and tune in to the address below at the following times:

The Press Conference can be seen live at AOL Music at 12PM PDT at: http://music.aol.com/ and http://ustream.tv/DEVO

Once Again -- viewing times as follows:
12PM (Pacific Daylight Time)
Atlantic Daylight Time: 4:00PM
Eastern Daylight Time: 3:00PM
Central Daylight Time: 2:00PM
Mountain Daylight Time: 1:00PM
Pacific Daylight Time: 12:00PM
Alaskan Daylight Time: 11:00AM
Hawaiian-Aleutian Daylight Time: 10:00AM
Samoa Daylight Time: 9:00AM

Later is Now!

Greg Scholl, COO of DEVO Inc.