SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - May 18, 2010) - Marketfish, a comprehensive platform for list-based marketing campaigns, today announced the release of the Marketfish Platform, the industry's only fully automated list-marketing solution to leverage the powerful potential of third-party marketing lists to connect marketers with their ideal customers quickly and cost-effectively. Using Marketfish's new, automated SaaS-based platform, marketers can easily complete an entire list-based marketing campaign -- from list rental to campaign measurement -- while benefiting from more control and greater insights into their campaign's success.

"Finding highly targeted and high-quality lists for lead generation has always been a very manual task," stated Jon Lanman, online marketing coordinator for PayScale, the market leader in global online compensation data. "With Marketfish, we were able to immediately hone in on the high-quality lists we wanted and reach the right audience necessary to improve our return on e-mail campaigns, with stronger results than expected."

The list rental process has historically proven to be time-intensive, according to the DMA, taking an average of 24 days to complete. Now, by leveraging the Marketfish Platform, marketers can dramatically slash this timeframe from 24 days to less than 30 minutes. The first of its kind, Marketfish's intuitive, full-service platform for list-based campaigns integrates list discovery, campaign execution and real-time performance data in a single, straightforward interface, making it the ideal list-marketing solution for savvy and cost-conscious marketers. Marketfish enables extreme targeting, or the ability to target just the right customer every time.

Specifically, the Marketfish Platform is a SaaS-based product that enables lead-generation campaigns to be executed online with a few easy clicks -- no phone calls, no faxing and no old school sinkholes involved. Users can size up their lists, set their campaigns and view campaign results, all in real time.

Marketfish provides the following benefits to users:

  • Enterprises:
    • A ready source of potential customers
    • An easy-to-use lead-generation tool
    • A measurable way to build brands
  • List Owners/Providers:
    • Nearly double the profit on pre-existing list assets
    • Real-time feedback on list quality and hygiene
    • Total control, as list owners can review and approve campaigns before they are executed
  • Advertising Agencies
    • Flexible technology that matches the needs of dynamic, time-sensitive campaigns
    • Real-time, portable metrics and the ability to examine and optimize a campaign based on true results
  • Marketing Professionals:
    • Innovation, the first out-of-the-box list rental solution
    • Increased time efficiencies
    • Transparency -- know the performance of the list before you rent, get real-time results
    • No hidden costs, which is known to result in "sticker shock" upon check-out (each fee has a "more information" button for detailed breakout)
    • Instant access to real-time results

"List marketing in its purest form has always been a highly effective marketing tool, but for too many years it was not as user-friendly as other lead-generation tools, making it hard for marketers to fully adopt," said Dave Scott, Marketfish founder and CEO. "Marketfish has made it safe to come back to the list rental waters. Our automated approach was developed to allow maximum impact for marketers through greater transparency and control."

Since its inception in 2008, Marketfish has enjoyed explosive growth during its beta period, and is poised to maintain that growth in 2010. This year alone, Marketfish has launched its platform, debuted its flagship product and exceeded the 195 million-record mark. Marketfish's highly selective inventory includes name brands such as, Advanstar Communications, Spin Magazine and TENNIS Magazine. In 2010, Marketfish was recognized with an Reader's Choice Award, and was recently named a 2010 American Business Award(SM) finalist.

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Marketfish enables marketers to connect to their ideal customer in unprecedented ways. The company's comprehensive list marketing platform allows marketers to discover, refine and accurately reach new customer lists for use in lead generation campaigns. If a marketer is looking for a 65-year-old, left-handed golfer in Boca Raton, Florida, Marketfish helps target just that customer. With Marketfish's SaaS platform, what used to take an average of 24 days now takes 30 minutes. Marketfish provides the only total solution that enables marketers to easily complete an entire list-based marketing campaign, from list rental to campaign measurement. To learn more visit

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