BEAVERTON, OR--(Marketwire - May 19, 2010) -  HomeGrid Forum, a global, non-profit trade group promoting the United Nations' International Telecommunication Union's (ITU-T) standardization efforts, and the Institute for Information Industry will showcase technology and demonstrate the power of this award-winning, next-generation wired networking standard at Computex 2010, June 4 in Taipei. The seminar on is designed to help original design manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, service providers and others understand what is necessary to build and deploy products based on the technology.

Seminar details are:
WHAT: Next-Generation Wired Networking Forum: a seminar on and its applications, key components of the standard (including Physical and Data Link Layers, and coexistence mechanisms), and what equipment manufacturers need to know to implement and deploy this technology.

WHO: Presented by HomeGrid Forum and its member companies, a growing number of industry-leading organizations including service providers, computer manufacturers, and consumer electronics companies. Speakers will include representatives from Ikanos, Intel, Lantiq, Sigma Designs, Texas Instruments (TI) and others.

WHEN: June 4, 13:30-17:00

WHERE: Computex 2010, TICC Room 102, TAIPEI
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The members of the ITU-T's Rapporteur Group are creating a specification for a single MAC/PHY technology that can run over coaxial cable, phone lines, or power lines. Through one worldwide standard, will unify the networking of content and devices over any of these wires. With it, service providers will be able to deploy new offerings including IPTV more cost effectively. Consumer electronics manufacturers will be able to provide powerful devices for connecting all types of entertainment, home automation, and security products throughout the home. Smart Grid devices such as smart electricity meters, heating and air conditioning systems, electrical appliances and lighting systems will also benefit from the reliability, security and low-power consumption provided by the standard. participants include service providers, consumer electronics and information technology manufacturers, and component and intellectual property providers from around the world.

This next-generation wired networking technology was recently recognized by Electronic Design for its efforts to consolidate the various fragmented home networking standards into one common worldwide format, and Embedded Computing Design awarded the technology with the "Deep Green Editor's Choice" award for its ability to efficiently connect homes using existing wires.

About Institute for Information Industry
Institute for Information Industry (III) was founded in 1979, under the sponsorship of Government (MOEA) and private sector. III is commissioned to facilitate the R&D of Taiwan's IT industry and promote the effective utilization of information technologies, including wireless communication development and deployment, sensory information networks, embedded software technology, nomadic computation, and mobile application/services enabling activities. III's annual turnover is around 120 million USD with 1/4 of the revenue coming from Government's R&D funding.

About HomeGrid Forum
HomeGrid Forum is a global, non-profit trade group promoting the International Telecommunication Union's standardization efforts for next-generation home networking. HomeGrid Forum promotes adoption of through technical and marketing efforts, addresses certification and interoperability of products, and cooperates with complementary industry alliances. For more information on HomeGrid Forum, please visit or follow us on Twitter @homegrid_forum.

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