SOUTHBURY, CT--(Marketwire - May 20, 2010) -  How does a business, product or service stand out in the crowded market place? Better yet, how does a business owner convince a consumer to switch brands? The answer to both these questions lies in the creation of Unique Selling Propositions (USP) or defining the uniqueness and differentiators of a business. 

Brian Miller, COO and President of AdviCoach, said, "Carefully crafted USPs help clients and customers feel compelled to do business with you rather than your competitors, because you are different than the rest.

"Today, a USP helps you establish what's special about your company or the service your company provides and what makes it better than your competitors. A truly effective USP not only focuses on what makes you different, but also how you can help your clients succeed."

Business coaches with AdviCoach have been extensively trained under the AdviCoach ( system, the country's premier source for business coaching and advisory services customized for small to mid-size businesses. Through a powerful, interactive diagnostic process, AdviCoaches work with their clients to assess business performance based on 21 critical areas, one being analyzing or creating clients' Unique Selling Propositions.

Miller suggests that once developed, the USP should be repeated in company literature and clearly communicated to every member of the team. "Have you ever patronized a particular location and it seemed like everyone was in synch and very focused on customer service? It doesn't happen by accident," says Miller. 

Companies who have trained staff members to help demonstrate the USP of a company have higher customer retention rates and a more stable workforce, as well. 

"If you practice using USP, then you should be getting and keeping more customers," Miller added. "In today's recovering economy, a well-crafted USP helps you acquire more market share, even taking market share away from competitors, with a less defined value proposition." 

Through a supportive partnership with business owners, AdviCoaches work with clients to assess their business' performance in critical areas, address gaps and overcome obstacles to drive immediate results. 

"AdviCoaches work collaboratively with their clients to make them aware of their blind spots and the possibilities in their business," Miller added.

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