WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, PA--(Marketwire - May 21, 2010) - Infinity Publishing, a pioneer in author-originated book publishing, today announced the introduction of a comprehensive eBook publishing program for published authors and aspiring writers.

Infinity's converted eBooks come with a quality guarantee that allows the author to approve a physical proof prior to their title being entered into marketplace distribution. Infinity eBooks will be compatible with Amazon's Kindle, Apple's iPad, Sony's eReader, HP's iSlat, Barnes and Noble's nook, Borders' soon-to-be-released eReader, Google's upcoming eBook platform, and other future hand-held electronic reading devices. This is a significant quality guarantee in the currently unstable eBooks conversion market, where formatting glitches and other imperfections are common.

According to Arthur Gutch, chief executive officer of West Conshohocken, Penn.-based Infinity Publishing, Infinity's eBook publishing process delivers the comfort that authors are searching for in a rapidly changing and fast-growing eBook marketplace, where new technology platforms must be constantly maintained.

"We have developed a start-to-finish solution for the conversion, distribution and management of the eBook publishing process, and we're backing this up with a guarantee to our authors," said Gutch. "Infinity's eBook offering will allow our authors to focus on the creative process of writing the book's content, while our experienced publishing team handles the business process of producing and distributing the eBook."

Infinity Publishing revolutionized the category of self-publishing by providing "author-originated book publishing" services for authors. Infinity now has more than 4,000 active authors who have collectively published more than 6,000 titles with the company.

"With our new eBook offering, we will recommend a price based on the competitive retail price of an author's book, but in the end we will allow our authors to establish their own appropriate pricing for their eBook," explained Gutch. "By publishing their titles as eBooks, authors will be able to significantly increase their book's exposure to new audiences on a number of online sales platforms and through our global distribution network. This additional exposure can deliver a new market of readers -- many of whom may also buy the print version of the book -- and provide higher income for our authors, who earn a healthy 70% royalty on all book sales."

Infinity's eBook initiative incorporates the same simple business principles the company has used successfully in digitally publishing books for more than a decade. For a one-time setup fee of $199, Infinity will convert an author's existing published work into an eBook, assign an ISBN to the title, and will handle all aspects of distribution. The author's eBook will be available for sale indefinitely, with no maintenance fees or other costs required, including future proofs for new electronic reading devices.

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Founded in 1997, Infinity Publishing's industry leading, author-originated book publishing model puts authors in control of the publishing process to carry out their vision for their book. Infinity's authors retain all rights to their books, earn royalties paid monthly, and benefit from an extensive distribution network that is backed-up by Infinity's liberal return policy for bookstores. The company's unique print on demand book publishing system was designed to support all authors with a story to tell, who have ever thought about writing a book, or who have been on an endless journey to find an agent or publisher. For more information, please go to www.infinitypublishing.com.

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