HAMPTON, NJ--(Marketwire - May 24, 2010) -   Enpirion today announced the availability of its new EN6300 family of voltage mode synchronous buck DC-DC converters: the 3A EN6337QI, 4A EN6347QI, 8A EN6360QI, and 12A EN63A0QI. These low-power switch-mode converters are complete power systems on a chip (PowerSoC), achieving up to 96% efficiency and integrating the inductor, power switches, gate drive, controller, and loop compensation. 

As the recognized leader in DC-DC PowerSoCs, Enpirion continues to enhance its established power chip architecture to achieve a record 113 Watts per square inch solution power density (17.6 Watt/cm2). The EN6300 family delivers an improvement over alternative solutions, including modules, by delivering up to 5% higher efficiency (1.2W power savings), up to 83% circuit board area reduction, and up to a 68% cost reduction, while providing lower power supply noise and operating at full load over the entire operating temperature range. 

Leading OEMs are widely adopting these devices because they meet the high efficiency, low noise, precise voltage and fast transient requirements of high-performance applications powering field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), microprocessors, digital signal processors (DSPs), ASICs, and other DC-DC point of load (POL) devices. Key POL applications include blade servers, RAID storage systems, LAN/SAN adapter cards, wireless base stations, industrial automation, test and measurement, embedded computing, communications, and multi-function printers.

Enpirion customers such as Oracle have validated the benefits of the EN6300 PowerSoC family for their enterprise server solutions, which face constant pressure to improve system efficiency, lower power loss, and increase equipment density. The EN6300 family of DC-DC power converters supports Oracle's efforts in providing solutions that drive lower operating cost.

EN6300 Family Features and Benefits:

  • Input Voltage from 2.375V to 6.6V. Customers may also use Enpirion's 12V high efficiency (97.5% peak) intermediate bus converter (EC2630) to front-end these devices for 12V applications.
  • Flattened efficiency profile from 20% to 100% load, permitting designers to manage power effectively over their entire operating range. 
  • Full load operation across the entire ambient temperature range from -40 to +85 degrees C, without the need for airflow or heat sink (thus saving cost). 
  • Low ripple and EMI (CISPR 22 Class B compliant). 
  • Fewer (and lower cost) components than comparable module and discrete regulators, resulting in lower cost and high reliability.
  • Phase-locking for input clock synchronization to reduce input ripple and remove beat frequencies.

EN6360 and EN63A0:

  • EN6360 (8A max. current) in a 8x11x3 mm, 68-pin QFN and EN63A0 (12A max.) in a 10x11x3 mm, 76-pin QFN.
  • Scalable footprint, allowing engineers to pre-plan power tunability in their design. 
  • Master/Slave configuration for paralleling multiple devices.

EN6337 and EN6347:

  • EN6337 (3A max. current) and EN6347 (4A max.), 4x7x1.85 mm, 38-pin QFN.
  • Excellent scalability via direct pin-to-pin compatibility across existing EN5337, EN6337, and EN6347.
  • Light Lode Mode with programmable set point for high efficiency in standby or idle operation.
  • Very tight combined AC and DC regulation, excellent for powering CPU PLL.

"Design engineers and architects are finding the addition of the 3A to 12A EN6300 family of devices to Enpirion's DC-DC PowerSoC family to be the answer to many of the difficult design challenges they have been facing," said Mark Cieri, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Enpirion. "Our combination of high performance, low noise, smallest footprint, and affordable solution cost has impressed our customers, and paved the way for efficient, cost-effective product improvements."

Pricing & Availability
Enpirion's EN6300 power devices are sampling today, with pricing set at $2.71 for EN6337, $3.43 for EN6347, EN6360 at $6.64, and EN63A0 at $10.00 in quantities of 1000 parts. More information about these devices, including data sheets and hi-res images, is available at Enpirion's website.

About Enpirion
Enpirion is the leading provider of PowerSoCs (power systems on a chip), delivering breakthrough power density, low noise, high performance, and ease of use. Enpirion utilizes a fabless manufacturing model and partners with the industry's leading assembly and test houses to provide the highest degree of quality and reliability. Enpirion's products are designed into a broad range of demanding applications including server platforms, enterprise storage, wireless broadband, consumer electronics, smart phones, telecommunications equipment and more.

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