SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - May 24, 2010) -  To meet rising demand for its services and expertise, SolarVision Co. (SVC), a Silicon Valley-based renewable energy consultancy, has expanded its practice to address emerging niche areas and added several new energy professionals to its global team. Since 2007, the company has provided corporations and Governments with comprehensive research, technology guidance and strategic business development services in solar, wind and other renewable energy sectors. Now, SVC plans to add photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing support to its offerings, along with solar technology roadmap services, micro-grid guidance for developing countries, and general alternative energy guidance. To mark its growing influence in the renewable energy sector, company executives will present eight papers at two prestigious international solar conferences this year.

SolarVision Co. is comprised of professionals with a blend of expertise in semiconductors, solar materials, solar manufacturing, and market analysis. Client projects are varied and have included due-diligence on a PV c-Silicon cell manufacturing line expansion, go-to-market strategies for a PV equipment supplier, and a micro-grid feasibility assessment, along with installation guidance for a 6MW solar/wind grid project. 

Commenting on his company's expansion and strong presence at the upcoming technical conferences, SVC's CEO and Founder, Andy Skumanich, Ph.D., noted, "We are excited to bring our expertise to emerging areas. As the renewable energy sector continues to grow, the need for technology experts and business guidance is rising. Our track record in both areas is strong and we're glad to be delivering tangible results to ambitious companies and visionary Governments. We're honored that so many of our papers were deemed important to the PV community by the review boards of the international committees."

SVC executives will present three papers at the IEEE 35th PVSC and five papers at the International 25th PVSEC in Valencia, Spain. In addition, an SVC executive will moderate a panel on market directions at the upcoming CSP conference SF (June 24-25, 2010) and deliver a paper at the CPV & CSP conferences in Spain (Nov 15-19, 2010), as well as chair a conference session.

SolarVision's Presence at Upcoming International Conferences

Papers to be presented at the IEEE 35th PVSC Honolulu, HI (June 20-25, 2010)

  1. "Technology Roadmap for PV manufacturing: combining a technical and market perspective" (A. Skumanich, E. Ryabova, I. Malik)
  1. "Novel BSF Structure Formation by Modified Sol-Gel Method For Low Cost New Cell Concept Implementation" (E. Ryabova, A. Skumanich, I. Malik)
  1.  "Materials Considerations for PV Markets: Guideposts for Technology
     (I. Malik, A. Skumanich, E. Ryabova)

Papers to be presented at the 25th PVSEC Valencia, Spain (Sept 6-10, 2010)

  1. "PV vs CPV and CSP: A Comparative Analysis of Technologies and Cost Roadmaps" (I. Malik, A. Skumanich, E. Ryabova)
  1. "In-line metrology for PV processing: benefit and cost considerations" (A. Skumanich, E. Ryabova, I. Malik)
  1.  "PV in the Micro-grid context: Concepts and specific international case studies as models of implementation" (A. Skumanich, S. Reddy, L. Sabnani, I. Malik, E.Ryabova)
  1.  "Solar module manufacturing: best practice learning from other volume manufacturing arenas" (S. Reddy, L. Sabnani, A. Skumanich)
  1. "Novel TCO layers based on Sol-Gel for improved cell performance at lower cost" (E. Ryabova, A. Skumanich, I. Malik)

About SolarVision Co.

SolarVision Co provides technical and market analysis for the Renewable Energy Community, as well as targeted support for a wide range of business activities. SVC is comprised of a seasoned technical team with industry experience that provides expert services in the following key areas: market trends, market forecasting, primary market research, business development, business strategy, value proposition, product life cycle, product pricing, due-diligence, grant support, renewable energy technology assessment, micro-grid guidance, BIPV, CPV, CSP, OPV, bio-gas, wind, alternative power sources and storage, as well as other capabilities. In addition, SVC can perform on-site micro-grid assessment at world-wide locations in developing countries, as well as guidance for installations. 

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