NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - May 25, 2010) -  Masqueraider Marketing, a six year old business, branding and marketing strategy and services organization, has joined forces with three other established and successful US businesses to form Wovn Group.

The new organization, with its proprietary business and marketing frameworks, and award winning design and technology capabilities, represents an effort on the part of its founders to address unmet client needs in the marketplace.

The organization's hybrid structure offers clients big and not so big access to senior subject matter experts and best practice thinking, previously only available to Fortune 500 companies, with the advantages of a much lower fixed fee compensation plan.

"The industry has been very slow to adapt its existing structure and 'people portfolios' to the needs of today's clients," commented Chuck Hirsch, Director of Strategy. "We're taking smaller, optimized companies with established track records and highly satisfied clients, and fusing them together to form a very effective, integrated and formidable business entity and capabilities toolbox."

Other service organizations joining with Masqueraider Marketing to form Wovn Group include Byenvision Web & Media, a best in class web and digital solutions provider, and Yellow & Yellow Creative Services, a well established and highly successful NY area branding and creative design company.

"This is an excellent opportunity to take a great strategic resource, and integrate it with two highly successful creative and digital solutions companies," commented Kia Talai, Creative Director. "We're already seeing widespread interest in and acceptance of this new services model in the marketplace," added Kim Crawford, Director of Digital Development & Optimization.

About Wovn Group
Established in 2010, Wovn Group was created to offer a fundamentally different way that a service and solutions provider can help clients with their business, brand value and marketing challenges.

We combine service, company-side and business & technology consulting expertise into a formidable solutions company. We accelerate message impact and effectiveness through an integration of traditional and digital/new age channels.

We are not simply an "agency," "design firm" or "web company." We are alternative thought and idea craftspeople.

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Chuck Hirsch
Director of Strategy
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