NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - May 25, 2010) - Promisec today announced that its endpoint management software has been approved by Pacific Gas & Energy (PG&E) as a solution for reducing the electricity consumed by computers operated by PG&E customers. Promisec's agentless solution ensures that each PC on an enterprise network adheres to power-management policies and settings, resulting in per-PC power cuts of more than 50%, and a significant reduction in a company's overall carbon footprint.

As part of the energy giant's rebate program, PG&E customers will receive a $15-per-computer rebate for using Promisec's power-management solution. In addition to the rebate incentive, PG&E business customers who adopt the Promisec technology are expected to save an additional $40 to $50 per computer each year. PG&E is one of the largest energy companies in the United States, providing electrical power and natural gas to over 80% of the counties in the state of California.

Promisec software helps companies establish, manage, and enforce effective power-management policies throughout their network without requiring any installation on individual computers. Most power management solutions require an agent to be installed on every endpoint, a process that can be time consuming and can compromise network performance and reliability. Promisec's agentless technology has virtually no impact on network resources and provides immediate results.

"A significant amount of power reduction and cost savings can be accomplished simply by putting computers in a lower power state when they are not in use, but complete enforcement of a power management policy across an enterprise has not always been that simple," said Marc Brungardt, EVP of Operations at Promisec. "Promisec tools automate this capability through a centralized management console with no agent or anything else installed on the endpoint computers themselves. This makes installation easy and return-on-investment extremely fast."

Promisec's agentless technology provides companies with automated and remote management of power settings for all computers throughout an enterprise network. Energy Star estimates that an organization with 10,000 computers can save over $1 million annually, and reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 15,000 tons by employing a power management solution. In most companies, computers are left on even when they are not in use (including nights and weekends), resulting in wasted electricity and squandered costs.

"PG&E is leading the way to helping businesses implement badly needed energy-efficiency programs," said Brungardt. "We view Promisec's acceptance into PG&E's program as a strong validation, from one of the largest energy firms in the country, of the cost saving benefits of our power management solution."

The PG&E rebate program joins a growing list of rebates available for Promisec customers. To be eligible for the rebate, PG&E customers must agree to implement Promisec's solution and continue the program for five years.

For more information about the PG&E Rebate Program or rebates in other coverage areas, contact Promisec at: or visit PG&E's Rebate Program website.

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Promisec, Inc. delivers Agentless Endpoint Management software solutions that eliminate threats and optimize corporate internal networks with unprecedented visibility and control over the endpoints. Promisec's patented technology allows IT managers to identify and resolve security, compliance and policy issues in a matter of minutes, without making any changes to the network or endpoints.

Founded in 2004 by former military intelligence experts, Promisec's management team brings broad high-level executive experience in the network security industry.

Promisec is a privately held company with headquarters in Israel and offices in New York, Tokyo and Paris. Our customers include Forbes Global 2000 companies and other organizations in the manufacturing and service industries as well as government and health care institutions.

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