SAUSALITO, CA--(Marketwire - June 9, 2010) -  Clarus Transphase Scientific, Inc., one of the world's leading innovative technology companies in the human wellness and performance sector, announces the launch of its latest Q-Link® product: the Q-Link Mini™. The Mini™ is a thin, lightweight button designed to attach easily to any personal electronic device, from cell phones and bluetooths, to portable game consoles and MP3 players. It naturally enhances the human body's defenses against a variety of life's stressors, including harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs), which research increasingly suggests can lead to serious health risks, including possible brain tumors, especially in children and adolescents.

"In today's electronic world, we're constantly connected and therefore, electro-smog is quite simply unavoidable," said Richard Gray, President and CEO of Clarus Transphase Scientific. "And while no product can completely 'shield' us from EMFs or from other environmental stressors, the Q-Link Mini™ allows you to use the technology you rely on, while also helping engage and support your body's natural defenses and energy systems, ultimately allowing you to live a healthier life and go about your day to day activities with more focus, efficiency and balance."

The Q-Link Mini™, retailing for $24.95, uses Sympathetic Resonance Technology™ (SRT™) to counteract the negative effects of electromagnetic fields on our bodies. When the human biofield is reinforced by positive, natural energies, like those programmed into the Q-Link Mini™, the body can respond better and more naturally to life's stresses and challenges. Q-Link® users consistently report experiencing benefits of improved focus, heightened awareness, and increased energy.

The recent launch of the Mini™ wellness button marks the further expansion of the Q-Link® line, which also features SRT™ powered pendants, bracelets and other lifestyle "body" and "space" products designed and scientifically shown to balance and clarify your energies.

For more information or to purchase the Q-Link Mini™ and begin boosting your natural defenses against unnatural electromagnetic fields, visit: