LONDON--(Marketwire - June 10, 2010) -  StayinFront, Inc., a leading global provider of customer relationship management and decision support solutions, today introduced the latest version of its consumer goods product, StayinFront Consumer Goods 12.

StayinFront Consumer Goods 12 provides consumer goods companies the right tools to sell more and manage better, boasting features that significantly increase both retail execution efficiency and in-store visibility. Coupled with the advantage of powerful, built-in analytics, StayinFront Consumer Goods 12 advances an organisation's ability to measure and drive sales performance as well as giving sales managers a watchful eye on the cause and effect of store activities.

"StayinFront Consumer Goods 12 adds value by maximising the sales reps' time spent in-store and reducing the time needed to complete routine tasks," said Ken Arbadji, Vice President of North American Sales at StayinFront. "Sales reps benefit because relevant tasks are pushed to the field at the store level while both managers and reps can use powerful KPIs to help drive sales success."

User-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), a key feature of StayinFront Consumer Goods 12, enables managers and reps to keep up-to-date with what is happening and can be adapted to match changing business requirements. Because they can define their own KPIs and track them over time, managers get a clearer picture of what's important and appropriately action trends.

With StayinFront Consumer Goods 12, managers can easily compare data by overlaying current store information with market data, providing insights into the cause and effect of store activity. Managers can also easily configure their own dashboards to ensure that key information is available at a glance.

"StayinFront Consumer Goods has a powerful built-in analytics and KPI engine, which clearly sets us apart from our competition," said Michael Hart, Executive Vice President of Research and Development at StayinFront. "In addition, you can configure activities within a store visit to match workflow, adding a level of efficiency that works for both managers and the entire sales team."

Another benefit of Consumer Goods 12 is its ability to support different types of users -- there is no limit to the number of roles the system can handle. StayinFront Consumer Goods can support multiple teams covering the same stores, each with their own products and objectives. Transparency is only enabled for the appropriate user. 

StayinFront Consumer Goods is convenient for field reps because the materials that the rep needs on site -- cycle priorities, POS display details and detailed product information -- are readily available on their mobile device, reducing the amount of collateral that the rep must carry to a store. StayinFront Consumer Goods 12 works on a variety of devices, in addition to mobile units, including smart phones and tablet PCs.

"StayinFront Consumer Goods is designed to help both sales reps and managers to focus on value-added activities that will lead to new opportunities for sales growth," said Hart. "It offers efficiency for your team, visibility of what's going on in the store and in the marketplace, and complete adaptability to the way you want to work."

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