COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - June 10, 2010) -  When it comes to issues that concern Americans regarding the future of America, the economy tops the list at 81.2%, followed by healthcare (67.6%) and the federal deficit (64.9%), according to the latest American Pulse™ Survey (N= 5,123). The economy is also the #1 issue worrying Americans about their personal well-being (79.1%). Healthcare (66.6%) is #2 and terrorism (47.7%) is #3. In both instances, national affairs outpace international affairs, indicating that matters closer to home are weighing heavy on the minds of Americans.

Top 5 Issues Concerning...

Future of America Americans' Personal Well-Being
Economy (81.2%) Economy (79.1%)
Healthcare (67.6%) Healthcare (66.6%)
Federal deficit (64.9%) Terrorism (47.7%)
Job Creation (63.5%) Job Creation (46.1%)
Terrorism (60.6%) National Security (42.6%)
Source: American Pulse™, June-2010  

It doesn't appear that Americans believe the economy will recover soon. 68.8% have little-to-no confidence that government's economic policies will get the economy back on track, compared to 31.3% who do. Similarly, 73.8% have little-to-no confidence that government policies will help lower unemployment (v. 26.2% who do).

Another issue on the home front is the Gulf oil spill, and Americans tend to score the Obama administration low on handling it. 29.3% gave it a "C," 25.4% gave a "D," and 23.4% assigned an "F."

Uneasiness about domestic issues may be affecting how Americans would vote for president. If the election were today, 36.8% of adults would vote for a generic republican candidate versus 34.7% who would vote for Obama. 37.8% of registered voters would vote for a republican (v. 35.1% for Obama).

Complimentary trended data and report:

Other findings:

  • 67.9% agree/strongly agree that Americans are consumed by technology...10% disagree/strongly disagree.
  • 44.3% think technology overload is bad for Americans saying its changing behavior...31.8% think it's good; Americans can never get enough technology.
  • 71.9% say watching movies at the cinema is too expensive...19.7% say it's worth it. Only 25.9% are waiting for a summer blockbuster to attend...74.1% aren't.

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