PLEASANTON, CA--(Marketwire - June 15, 2010) -  xMatters, inc., the relevance engine company, today launched an interactive sentiment analysis tool called the What Matters Now project. The website aggregates content from news sites, social media channels and blogs in real time, graphically demonstrating what matters to people at any given moment. The project was founded on the premise that what matters to someone, i.e. what is relevant at an exact point in time, is completely fluid and changes based on the time, day, circumstance and hundreds of other variables.

Equal parts technology and anthropology, the What Matters Now project pinpoints exactly how people felt and what mattered to them at a specific point in time. That information is logged and stored so that visitors can search by a specific time frame and see what was happening in the world and what mattered at those moments -- both on a global and personal scale. This is a major shift and provides deeper, more impactful analysis than a traditional Twitter sentiment or blog trending tool by slicing through endless data streams to recognize feeling and emotion.

"We've spent ten years helping the world's biggest companies make their products and services more relevant to their customers. What we're demonstrating with the Project, is that by adding individual relevance to products or services, companies can strengthen the relationship and experience that consumers have with a brand," said Troy McAlpin, CEO, xMatters. "Recognizing and reacting to shifts in consumer behavior helps companies refine their approaches and make their products more valuable to customers. The Project builds on the core of what we do every day, which is delivering relevant information at the right time."

For businesses, the ability to provide insight into what matters to their current and prospective customers, and then make decisions accordingly, will have a significant impact on how products are developed and marketed. When tracked over time, the Project will show major shifts in business and consumer behavior, including how certain services are being adopted and used. For consumers, the site offers a unique, interactive way to compare what matters to them, both personally and professionally, with the rest of the world.

For example, if a company wants to design and market its products to reach CIOs, they can use the site to track and analyze the issues that matter to this audience. Over the last seven days on the What Matters Now project, the terms appearing most frequently with CIOs are "cloud" and "strategy." Diving deeper into the results shows that CIOs are concerned about the effect of cloud computing on how technologies are deployed and how their strategies should change in accordance. Armed with a clear understanding of what matters to CIOs, cloud service providers have an opportunity to be a voice of confidence and education.

The launch of the What Matters Now project coincides with a recent announcement by xMatters, which highlighted the company's rapid market expansion and pioneering leadership in the emerging field of relevance engines.

While relevance engines were originally designed for IT efficiency and effectiveness, the company soon realized that the ability to personalize communication on a mass scale -- i.e. remove unnecessary information and only deliver what matters, when it matters -- had implications far beyond the IT space. Many diverse business functions, from the marketing department to the product engineering team, could benefit.

With more than 800 relevance engines now deployed worldwide, including in seven of the 10 largest Global 2000 enterprises, xMatters is transforming the way that business and consumers interact with products and services.

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