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News Facts:

  • Omni-ID, a leading supplier of high-performance passive UHF RFID tags, today announced the availability of the Omni-ID Prox GS. The Prox GS provides near-perfect functionality across all geographies worldwide, in accordance with EPC Gen 2 standards. The tag is particularly well-suited for IT environments where data centers are widespread across locations.

  • On-metal UHF tags have historically been tuned to operate at only one of three UHF bands, making them best suited for regional applications. The Prox GS functions across the entire 860-960 MHz range, now making it possible for companies to use one tag on all IT assets, regardless of their location.

  • The tracking of IT assets at financial institutions is a complex task that involves strict privacy and security standards and compliance with government regulations. Vendor solutions should meet industry-wide standards that demonstrate their suitability for use in this environment. The Prox GS is compliant with the Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC) standards for data center asset tracking, which specifies expected RFID tag performance to enable more efficient tracking and handling of IT assets in the data center.

  • As RFID adoption for IT data center applications increases, IT asset vendors are moving toward embedded RFID or source tagging of computers and servers. Having RFID tags on IT assets before shipping them to data centers enables financial institutions to identify the assets from the moment they arrive. The broadband capability of the Prox GS makes it ideally suited to be embedded in IT equipment without concern for the physical location of the asset. 

  • On June 17th at 11 a.m. ET, Omni-ID will join the FSTC, Bank of America and RFID Global Solutions in an RFID Journal online seminar discussing IT asset tracking applications at financial institutions. The discussion will focus around the business case for using RFID technology to improve business processes and ROI. Register for the seminar at:


  • "Reliable performance across geographies has always been a difficult task for RFID tag vendors to achieve due to the different frequency ranges in each location," said Tom Pavela, CEO of Omni-ID. "This has presented problems and complexity for businesses looking to implement a global IT asset tracking solution. Financial institutions house complex IT infrastructures and are governed by strict compliance laws that make global performance a critical component of any solution. The Omni-ID Prox GS meets the need for a global broadband tag suitable for IT asset tracking in the most challenging business environment." 

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Omni-ID is the leading supplier of high-performance passive UHF RFID tags that deliver near-perfect read rates on, off and near metals and liquids. Using a fundamentally different approach to RFID design, Omni-ID created a patented technology structure that allows for continued innovation and product development. Omni-ID has built a global partner ecosystem with leading RFID technology companies to deliver complete RFID asset tracking, supply chain management, work-in-process and cargo and container tracking solutions. To complement its product line, Omni-ID has a full-service bureau offering to ensure efficient and seamless deployment of RFID implementations. With offices in Foster City, Calif. and the UK, along with a manufacturing facility in China, Omni-ID's mission is to drive the widespread adoption of RFID technology as the optimal tracking and identification solution. For more information, please visit

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