NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - June 15, 2010) - Conductor, the most widely-used SEO technology company, today announced that Siemens Industry, Inc., has selected Conductor as its SEO platform of choice. Siemens will leverage Conductor Searchlight, the industry's first full-featured search engine optimization (SEO) operating system, to ensure potential and existing customers will continue to easily find what they are looking for as the company undergoes a major consolidation of websites from more than 20 separate business units into one central location. Searchlight will help Siemens take control of the SEO integrity of its web properties from an easy-to-use dashboard that measures ranking across thousands of individual keyword terms and provides constant visibility into the company's SEO success.

"During a website migration and consolidation project like the one we are planning, it is important to constantly monitor search engine rankings and visibility. Searchlight will help us identify challenges and opportunities throughout the consolidation process," said Oliver Fleischhut, Director, Online Communications at Siemens Industry, Inc. "Furthermore, Conductor will help us manage and measure our SEO efforts to continuously improve the online experience and help make it easier for our customers to find specific content on the site."

Conductor Searchlight is the most comprehensive solution for companies like Siemens that need to take control of their brand's search rankings so they can increase revenue and stay ahead of competitors in natural search. Searchlight provides instant visibility into a brand's SEO status as well as its competitors' by constantly crawling the web for metrics surrounding customers' competitive landscapes. Searchlight enables marketers to treat SEO like any other successful marketing program and mitigate the challenges around the increasingly complex search landscape.

Siemens will use Conductor Searchlight to:

  • Constantly monitor the status of its SEO with "SIPE Scores" that measure the success of a brand's SEO over time, including real-time updates when scores go up or down
  • Analyze hundreds of data points explaining the causes and effects of its success in SEO
  • Act on real-time recommendations for improving natural search rankings -- ranging from quick fixes to long-term strategies

"Maintaining leadership in SEO is critical for all enterprises, especially when beginning large projects like Siemens'," said Seth Besmertnik CEO of Conductor. "We are delighted to partner with Siemens and provide the company with the solutions it needs to continuously improve their standing in natural search."

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About Conductor, Inc.
Conductor is the SEO technology company that helps enterprises take control of natural search. More than 250 of the Fortune 500 and Internet Retailer 500 rely on the company's technology solutions and expert team to continually measure, improve and manage their natural search efforts in order to increase site traffic and revenue. Conductor is based in New York City. 

About Siemens:
Siemens Industry, Inc. (SII) is the U.S. affiliate of Siemens' global Industry Sector business -- the world's leading supplier of production, transportation and building technology solutions. The company's integrated hardware and software technologies enable comprehensive industry-specific solutions for industrial and infrastructure providers to increase their productivity, sustainability and profitability. The Industry Sector includes six divisions: Building Technologies, Industry Automation, Industry Solutions, Mobility, Drive Technologies and OSRAM SYLVANIA. With nearly 222,000 Siemens Industry Sector employees worldwide, the Industry Sector posted a worldwide profit of $2.7 billion on revenues of $47.7 billion in fiscal 2009.

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