MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - June 15, 2010) -  Like most households, the Beeck family is busy with no plans of slowing down; especially this week after the launch of Xigo, an immune supplement designed to support the body's natural defenses. The goal with their company, Xigo Health, is to help other on-the-go families stay proactive and protected when it comes to their health.

Father and founder of the company, Rudy Beeck, said his entry into the natural products business was accidental. During a particularly intense period of business travel to and from Barcelona, Spain, to develop plant-based pharmaceuticals, Beeck would often get sick. After commiserating with colleagues, his scientist partner advised building his immune system by taking a mix of natural ingredient powders.

"I noticed a big difference in my health and from that point was hooked on the regimen," said Beeck. "My wife, children and close friends started taking the powders too but the taste was not appealing and I wanted to do some research on the formula before we started using it extensively."

After a positive review on the formula by a top immunologist from the University of Texas, Xigo (pronounced chee-go) was ready to go to market as the first immunity supplement of its kind. 

"Xigo is made up of three key ingredients that have a long history of supporting the immune system but have never worked synergistically in a one-dose product until now," said Beeck. "We formulated it as a chewable for convenience and speed, and added stevia and flavorings for a great taste."

The three ingredients in the patent-pending formula include beta-glucans, which work to help the body detect harmful viruses, bacteria and activate the immune system; L-glutamine, an amino acid that fuels immune cells to better defend the body from attack; and lactoferrin, a complex protein that helps deter future attacks by remembering repeat offenders and responding quickly to prevent viruses from rapidly multiplying. 

Beeck has also initiated a 140-person, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study of the Xigo Maximum Immune Defense formula to establish the product's effectiveness in the relief of symptoms from the common cold. Results are expected later this year following the start of flu season.

"Being part of an active family, I know it's not easy for parents to make sure everyone is getting plenty of sleep and eating the right foods," said Beeck. "Our goal with Xigo Health is to give families the freedom to be busy without the fear of getting sick while helping them maintain a healthy, active life."

Coinciding with the product release, the Beecks have launched a new website ( to serve as a forum for families to share their on-the-go lifestyles, learn tips to stay healthy and enjoy active family living. Xigo products can be purchased nationwide at select natural health food stores.

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