DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - June 15, 2010) -  Harrington Hoists Inc. and Ritz Craft homes have been partners in production since the state of the art Michigan plant for Ritz Craft was established ten years ago. Ritz Craft homes is poised for a new resurgence of home sales with production increases and demand for systems-built housing. Ritz Craft homes is one of the nation's largest, with availability from contractors in 29 states and offering 300 different floor plans. In a recent interview with Industry Visions during a plant tour, plant manager Stu Fenton discussed the critical nature of movement during their manufacturing process.

"At Ritz Craft we have what's called a 'cafeteria-styled manufacturing pattern.' Harrington Hoists and Cranes are a critical component of our movement of materials and assembly of systems. We have chosen Harrington because of the precision we require at the placement of any component. When the Harrington crane system moves a wall into position, it must be perfect and ready for fastening. Harrington engineers specifically designed a special 3-run-way end truck system for our cranes. It allows for smooth movement of our mammoth wall, floor, and roof systems by giving us better weight distribution of our loads and the headroom we need for flexibility. Without these lifting solutions we could not operate ... and when you have a reputation of value and on-time delivery as we do at Ritz Craft, there can't be any guesswork. It must be right every time."

When asked about cost of ownership, Fenton continued, "We use these hoists and cranes day after day without incident. Maintenance is regularly scheduled on a yearly basis. They never let us down. They have been as ready to work as we on our schedule. Ritz Craft homes are premier builders of systems manufactured homes as defined by the national association of homebuilders, offering energy star efficiency and tighter tolerances than standard site-built homes. Ritz Craft is a new value in engineering standards, constructed in styles only limited by the imagination of homebuyers."

The people at Ritz Craft are truly craftsman building the American Dream.

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