SAN BRUNO, CA--(Marketwire - June 21, 2010) -  Devicescape, the leader in Easy WiFi, today announced it joined the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), a global coalition of industry leaders with a common interest and focus on wireless broadband deployment and strategy. Devicescape's membership underscores the company's commitment to drive the utilization of WiFi as a cellular data offload strategy for mobile devices.

With the popularity of new connected devices and media-centric applications, 3G networks are increasingly congested as they try to manage unprecedented volumes of data traffic. In turn, service providers face the tough choices of how to grow data revenue to allow for massive infrastructure investments or to control costs through unpopular means such as data capping (as AT&T, Sprint and O2 have announced recently). Increasingly, WiFi is being adopted as a mechanism to provide high-quality service in congested local areas through offloading data from the 3G network.

"Clearly, consumers have a huge and increasing appetite for data combined with expectations of flat-rate, unlimited data plans, but this unbalanced equation is a headache for service providers," said Dave Fraser, CEO of Devicescape. "WiFi can be a great way to improve service in a local area at a much lower cost, and we want to help the industry in this initiative through our WBA membership."

In an effort to better understand key issues such as WiFi's role as a complementary technology to 3G and WiFi adoption in devices, Devicescape will attend the WBA Roundtable and WiFi Ecosystem Summit in San Diego on June 21, 2010. Carriers from around the world and WiFi leaders will discuss opportunities to drive wireless broadband and its usage globally.

Since 2005, Devicescape has led the market in providing WiFi solutions that make mobile devices easy to set up, easy to use and effortlessly connect to any WiFi network. Service providers and device manufacturers look to Devicescape's Easy WiFi technology to ensure a hassle-free WiFi experience. Now, with its WBA membership, Devicescape will be able to work with WBA members to help drive WiFi adoption.

The WBA includes pioneers in the wireless broadband field, and its 39 members comprise leading operators (e.g. BT, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, NTT and KT Corporation) offering wireless services across WiFi, WiMAX, and mobile broadband networks and roaming providers. Collectively, WBA members operate more than 100,000 WiFi hotspots worldwide and have a pool of more than 350 million subscribers across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas. For more information, please visit

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About Devicescape
Devicescape, a leading provider of Easy WiFi, works with device manufacturers and service providers across the globe. One of the company's key goals is to make WiFi easy to access for the end user. Device leaders such as RIM and Nokia, and service providers such as Deutsche Telekom, The Cloud, Trustive and Wi2 turned to Devicescape for its Easy WiFi technology. By embedding its Devicescape Easy WiFi into smartphones, PCs and other devices, users can easily, seamlessly and securely access WiFi networks.

Headquartered in San Bruno, California, the company is privately held and backed by leading venture capital companies including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, August Capital, Enterprise Partners, and JAFCO. To learn more, please visit

About the Wireless Broadband Alliance
The Wireless Broadband Alliance ("WBA") was founded in 2003 by leading telecoms operators. Its goal is to drive wireless broadband adoption globally by developing common commercial and technical frameworks for interoperability across networks, technologies and devices. It helps its members to deliver quality services with consistent customer experience and reliability to the users worldwide.

The WBA members have successfully implemented commercial WiFi roaming globally using WBA WRIX (Wireless Roaming Intermediary Exchange), an award winning modularised standard service specifications developed by WBA. The WBA WRIX makes it easier to implement roaming between WBA members and reduces times to market for new operators interested in expanding global roaming footprint. The WBA is also collaborating with other industry forums to further enhance WRIX and help harmonise wireless broadband roaming standards including support for Dual Mode devices and WIMAX roaming.

The WBA includes pioneers in the wireless broadband field and its 39 members include leading operators offering wireless services across WiFi, WiMAX and Mobile broadband networks and roaming providers. Collectively, the WBA members operate over 100,000 WiFi hotpots worldwide and have a pool of more than 350 million subscribers across Europe, Asia Pacific and Americas. For more information, please visit

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