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LIBOX Lets You Enjoy Your Entire Digital Media Collection on Any Device

Free Service Offers High Def Sharing and Playback of Photos, Video & Music

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - June 22, 2010) -  LIBOX, the company rethinking the digital media experience, today launched the beta version of its service. The LIBOX platform gives everyone the ability to enjoy their entire high definition (HD) media collection -- videos, photos, and music -- on any device, for free and without limitations. LIBOX is out to dramatically advance the consumer media industry by attracting a robust ecosystem of partners to their platform, in order to enrich the consumer experience with competitive innovation.

Today, consumers are bombarded with partial options for consuming and sharing various types of media. While many solutions provide a viable option for an individual need, they fail to address the larger problems that continue to bubble-up in an aggressive media environment. This is especially true as more and more devices are capable of capturing HD media, since consumers want to share and enjoy it in full scale across their devices. The LIBOX platform is designed to innovate around the way people use high quality digital media, while respecting security, copyright standards and legal guidelines.

"As a technologist, I believe that any problem can be solved. I designed LIBOX so anyone can enjoy their entire high def media collection on any device -- for free and without any limitations," said Erez Pilosof, founder and CEO of LIBOX. "And, when you take a picture with your new iPhone 4, you should be able to view and share that photo with your friends in its original 5 megapixel HD quality."

Pilosof stated, "LIBOX does all the heavy lifting -- no need to think about file formats, folders, settings or cloud storage capacity. Just add your media to LIBOX and enjoy. It's that simple."

How LIBOX is Changing the Consumer Media Environment:

Available Anywhere:
LIBOX knows what you want and where you want it. LIBOX uses a combination of technologies -- including intelligent syncing and streaming -- to make your entire digital media collection available across all of your devices. This includes Macs and PCs and any device with a Web browser. Once you add media to your LIBOX account, it is automatically and instantly available to enjoy wherever you access LIBOX. LIBOX support for iPhone, iPad and Android will be available Summer 2010.

HD Media Sharing Revolution:
Instantly share any of your HD media with anyone else who has a LIBOX account. The LIBOX platform will maintain the quality of your media and since there is no limit to how much media you can add, you can share as much HD video, photos or music as you desire. LIBOX lets you maintain control of your media, so sharing is always totally private and secure.

Free with No Limits
LIBOX is free and will never charge you to enjoy or share your own media collection. LIBOX will never limit the amount or type of media you can play and share through your LIBOX account, including any media that is shared with you. Because LIBOX maintains the original quality of media, you can listen to music, watch videos or share photos in HD on any device that supports it.

The Technology Behind LIBOX

LIBOX has developed a platform to let users take advantage of the storage they already own, along with their network of friends and family, instead of using expensive cloud computing. This approach lets users access and share an unlimited amount of HD media for free and keeps user data very private.

Using a patent-pending combination of distributed, grid and peer-to-peer networking technologies along with highly sophisticated analytic algorithms, LIBOX effectively creates private clouds between devices that access the LIBOX platform. This architecture means that each node on the network shares the burden of storing and sending media, allowing LIBOX to keep its service free and  with an unlimited capacity for sharing.

The LIBOX platform was designed with partners and developers in mind, as well as users. A distributed architecture and HTML interface means that partners develop once and applications can easily be deployed across the LIBOX platform. The LIBOX API will be available later this year.

The History of LIBOX

After nearly two years of development and alpha testing, seasoned entrepreneur and engineer Erez Pilosof is ready to reveal LIBOX to the world. LIBOX has received more than 2 million dollars in seed funding from high-growth investors such as Evergreen Venture Partners and Rhodium. LIBOX is Pilosof's second venture. He successfully founded Walla! at age 22, establishing it as the first major Israeli Web portal. He led Walla! from a four-person startup to an initial public offering on the TASE in 1998; the company is still a top portal with a staff of roughly 250.

LIBOX is rethinking digital media so that everyone has the ability to share and experience high quality media on any device, the way it should be: free, easily and without limitations. LIBOX aims to dramatically advance the consumer media industry with a platform that attracts a robust ecosystem of content partners and developers, giving consumers the benefit of competitive innovation. Your media. Your way.

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