ALAMEDA, CA--(Marketwire - June 22, 2010) -  Metaswitch Networks today announced that speech-to-text transcription capabilities have been integrated throughout its highly scalable, unified messaging product portfolio. Metaswitch's flagship CommPortal platform already delivers a rich "multi-screen" experience, where users can visually manage their calls and voicemails through smart mobile devices, the PC desktop, web pages, IP-enabled business phones, web widgets and TV set-top boxes. Users will now be able to convert wireless and wireline network voicemail messages into SMS texts or e-mail, and deliver the transcription directly to a network subscriber's screen of choice.

"In today's fast-paced environment, many consumers have become disillusioned with the serial, inefficient access to their messages offered by traditional voicemail systems. Speech-to-text translation dramatically enhances the user experience and keeps voicemail relevant in a world where people don't want to be listening to messages just to be told to call someone back," said Robert Pettiford, AVP of Commercial Products at Frontier Communications. "As an existing customer of Metaswitch's next generation voicemail platform, we are thrilled to see them offer a fully integrated speech-to-text solution."

Metaswitch's platform provides a single point of storage for wireline, wireless and fax messages. The latest enhancements add support for text transcription within both the message store and multiple end-user application interfaces. The result is that users are not only freed from personally transcribing messages but can also save and search the content. The solution initially supports a variety of languages, within a framework that can be easily extended.

Behind the scenes, the solution integrates Nuance's market-leading voicemail-to-text service that delivers fast and highly-accurate voice-to-text transcription. As the Nuance voicemail-to-text technology is integrated directly into the Metaswitch platform, service providers can quickly and cost-effectively deploy the service based on their existing Metaswitch service agreement, reducing time-to-market and providing a rapid return on investment.

"The Nuance voicemail-to-text service is carrier-optimized and designed to address today's dynamic communications demands," said John Pollard, vice president, Voice-to-Text Services, Nuance. "As we continue to expand our global voice-to-text footprint, Metaswitch is the perfect partner, as their network solutions reach a broad range of customers worldwide and provide an ideal platform to demonstrate the power and inherent business value of voicemail-to-text."

"Metaswitch is committed to delivering innovative voicemail solutions that meet today's customers' needs with technology that can scale quickly and easily. Integration of a carrier-grade voicemail-to-text solution allows us to meet both of those objectives, while delivering transcriptions of the highest possible accuracy," said Andy Randall, senior vice president of marketing and business development at Metaswitch.

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