SCOTTS VALLEY, CA--(Marketwire - June 23, 2010) -  Virtual Instruments, a leader in storage area network (SAN) and virtual infrastructure optimization solutions, today announced VirtualWisdom 2.0. The new solution provides a unique opportunity for IT management to reduce the risk of deploying virtualized business-critical applications and increase the financial benefits of aggressively deploying virtualization technology. The ability to monitor, measure and analyze the effect of the SAN on virtualized applications increases overall application performance and reduces over-provisioning, resulting in sharply lower capital and operational costs associated with servers and storage infrastructure.

Virtual Infrastructure Optimization solutions, such as VirtualWisdom, are a critical part of any virtualization management strategy. Through comprehensive, real-time instrumentation, VirtualWisdom 2.0 adds SAN I/O intelligence to VMware environments, enabling administrators, for the first time, to balance the deployment of virtual machines based on real-time measurements of I/O performance. By identifying VMware performance bottlenecks in the SAN, VirtualWisdom 2.0 provides significantly higher virtual infrastructure utilization, allowing for delivery on the full promise of the reduced capital and operational costs of data center virtualization.

"As more companies consider deploying mission-critical applications in a virtualized environment or look into deploying private clouds, it will be imperative for them to have complete real-time visibility into the response times of their virtual and physical IT infrastructure," said Bernd Harzog, senior analyst, The Virtualization Practice. "Without the visibility enabled by solutions such as VirtualWisdom, they will be flying blind, exposing their businesses to needless risk and wasted IT resources."

VirtualWisdom 2.0 is the successor to the popular NetWisdom SAN monitoring solution. Key new features and performance enhancements make VirtualWisdom 2.0 easier to use, less expensive to deploy, and faster to produce updates and reports. Targeted at enterprises looking to broadly deploy server and storage virtualization, VirtualWisdom 2.0 includes instrumentation, measurement and analysis tools -- the basis for performance and resource optimization. VirtualWisdom 2.0 provides real-time and historical insights into application latency and bandwidth consumption, as well as early detection and advanced notification of device failures, congestion, and errors. It's an early warning system that helps eliminate business-impacting outages.

"Although moving to a virtualized environment seemed like an easy decision on paper, our team had to consider how a virtualized infrastructure would impact day-to-day activities," said Alain Boggero, IT manager, Groupama Asset Management. "Knowing the potential performance issues associated with a virtualized environment, our biggest concern has been visibility across the IT stack for our virtualized applications. Only VirtualWisdom is able to comprehensively monitor and measure SAN I/O traffic, helping us identify performance bottlenecks, and troubleshoot issues quickly and seamlessly across our virtualized environment."

"Ensuring application performance and availability SLAs in high-growth, multi-vendor environments, especially those involving private clouds, presents a tremendous challenge," said John Thompson, chief executive officer, Virtual Instruments. "VirtualWisdom 2.0 provides unparalleled visibility into virtualized environments, enabling IT managers to optimize performance and utilization, while reducing the risk of business critical application outages." 

Key new features of VirtualWisdom 2.0 include:

  • Customizable widget-based dashboards that enable different user types to access critical infrastructure health information easier and faster.
  • User-definable correlations enable "What-if" analysis based on real production data, providing IT managers the ability to accurately predict the effect of SAN configuration changes.
  • ProbeVM helps VMware administrators improve application performance and resolve problems quickly by monitoring I/O from the virtualized servers through the SAN to the LUN(s) within storage arrays. 

To assist in the fast deployment of VirtualWisdom 2.0, Virtual Instruments also announced the VirtualWisdom Jumpstart Kit. The VirtualWisdom Jumpstart Kit contains all the monitoring software and instrumentation hardware needed to improve the performance, utilization and availability of a typical business unit data center -- up to 160 switch ports and 24 storage ports. The VirtualWisdom Jumpstart Kit is designed to provide all of the features and benefits of VirtualWisdom-based instrumentation, monitoring and measurement in a lower-cost, entry-level, standard deployment configuration.

VirtualWisdom 2.0 and the VirtualWisdom Jumpstart Kit are available immediately from Virtual Instruments and its authorized resellers. For more information on VirtualWisdom 2.0, please visit:

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