SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - June 23, 2010) -  Eightfold Logic, an inbound marketing and SEO innovator, today announced the availability of Linker, a social marketplace for cross-linking where marketers at any business can discover and link to relevant, high-quality websites to meaningfully improve their inbound marketing and search engine optimization to maximize ROI like never before.

No Easy Way to Link... Until Now
The importance of smart linking has never been greater for inbound marketing. However, until now, small and large-scale link-building activities have been dominated by frowned-upon "link-farming" and paid linking systems -- poor methods for marketing professionals seeking improved link-focused SEO and inbound marketing results. These "black-hat" methods have little value and damage the effectiveness of the website's performance in the search engines. Yet identifying relevant, high quality cross-link opportunities is too time-consuming and involves sending tactless, unsolicited email requests for each link exchange.

"The value of relevant linking cannot be overemphasized. In a recent correlation study, we looked at dozens of ranking influencers and found that three of the five highest correlated factors with rankings in both Google and Bing are link-based," said Rand Fishkin, chief executive of SEOmoz. "Eightfold Logic is delivering a solution that helps marketers and businesses optimize for these key linking metrics."

"SEO and marketing professionals have struggled to choose between quantity and quality of relevant links for optimization," said Richard Zwicky, founder and president of Eightfold Logic. "But what if you could get both: increasing relevance for your site's visitors while at the same time adding value to the search engines themselves? That's what we're launching today."

A for SEO Linking
Eightfold Logic's Linker fills this void, enabling search marketers to easily find and connect with other high-quality search marketers. Companies join an opt-in network where businesses can define their profile, requirements, and what types of websites they are seeking to link to and/or from. Linker then discovers relevant matches between sites, notifies both contacts, and asks to confirm the desirability of an introduction -- guaranteeing human review and appropriateness at every step. If both parties agree, Linker connects them by private email so that the parties can engage directly and decide how to take further action.

"Today's launch of Linker creates a the first-ever forum where companies can discover high-quality websites to link to based on the right reasons to link -- context and relevance -- to make their business findable in all the right places," Zwicky said.

"We place a lot of value on linking to other relevant content and companies -- it's a principle at the heart of good search engine marketing. Yet it takes far more time than it should to research high-quality and relevant links that would improve user experience and our SEO efforts significantly," said Ryan DeShazer, global director of search marketing for GyroHSR. "Linker adds tremendous value by enabling us to spend less time on the tedious linking process through their easy matching system, and to instead focus on the work that has true business impact."

Linking as a Professional Marketing Tool
Linking is a necessary part of any online marketing strategy. Linker eliminates spamming, link-farm and link-exchange tactics from the SEO marketing process, because Eightfold Logic only provides introductions to and from opt-in, qualified marketers. Since there is no database or network of tracked, stored information, Linker does not in any way violate Google's Webmaster Guidelines, nor the guidelines of other major search engines. In fact, such quality linking adds value to websites for all visitors. The Linker focus on relevance and improved user experience is precisely what the search engines explicitly ask of link-building strategies. It's these highly relevant links which offer the most dramatic benefits to visitors and the search engines alike, and this value is recognized by improved presence within the search results of these engines.

"Linker is the ultimate solution to introduce highly qualified link partners to each other," said Jonny Scott, owner of Caliber Interactive, a search marketing consulting firm. "It's dating for websites -- clever, fine-tuned relationship advice and dollar-for-dollar, it's the best investment you probably ever make for clients against link strategy."

Linker is free for anyone to sign up for and start using immediately to create website profiles or perform searches for relevant link partners. Payment only occurs if further action is taken, starting at $12.95.

Linker joins Eightfold Logic's suite of offerings, including Campaign, Optimizer, and Auditor. For more information visit

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