NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - June 24, 2010) - Green EnviroTech Corp., a leading plastics recovery, separation, cleaning, and recycling company, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wolfe Creek Mining, Inc. (OTCBB: WCRM), today announced the formation of an unprecedented strategic alliance with three companies: Agilyx, SiCon GmbH, and Thar Process Inc. The exclusive deal, with each of the most innovative companies in their respective fields, creates a unique one-step process for recycling shredder residue that helps companies significantly reduce their global footprint; the highly cost effective and efficient plastic recovery process reduces the amount of shredder residue going to landfills by up to 50 percent.

Through the exclusive licensing of three specific proven and patented manufacturing processes, the combined technology will recover, separate, and clean plastics, non tire rubber and fibers from shredder residue for the first time in one end-to-end ARS recycling process. Green EnviroTech's new cutting edge technology and processes are able to convert 80 percent of the plastic materials into compounded high grade plastic resin for sale to the industry, while converting the remaining 20 percent of the plastic, the non tire rubber and fibers into high grade sweet crude oil. 

Recovered plastic from shredder residue contains PCB, lead and other contaminants classified as hazardous waste which have historically have been impossible to remove and meet EPA standards. The partnership will include SiCon providing the separation of plastics and the shredder residue, Thar Process providing the cleaning and capturing of contaminates, and Agilyx converting the plastic into sweet crude oil.

"We are pleased to partner with three of the most innovative companies in the industry," said Jeff Chartier, President, Green EnviroTech. "For the first time ever, we are able to put the recycled plastics back into commerce at even lower levels than the EPA standard. Ultimately, we help manufacturers find considerable savings in recycling, while assisting in reducing their own carbon footprint by allowing them to utilize recycled materials in their own products."

About the Partners:

SiCon provides turn-key processing and develops innovative recycling processes and treatment plants for processing shredder residue of all kinds.

Thar Process is a global leader in supercritical fluid technology and equipment, providing customer solutions for natural product extraction and separations, through efficient design, custom fabrication, process development, and contract manufacturing services.

Formerly known as Plas2Fuel, Agilyx uses a batch process to convert waste plastics into gallons of synthetic sweet crude oil.

About Green EnviroTech Corp.

Green EnviroTech Corp. is a recovery, cleaning, and plastics recycling company which constructs large scale, plastic recycling operations near automotive shredder locations nationwide. The company has developed strategic partnerships with metal recycling companies and plans to leverage both its patented and patent pending recycling and manufacturing processes to produce recycled, commercial grade plastics and resins for application specific manufacturing, primarily focused on automotive and durable goods applications. It recently completed a reverse merger with Wolfe Creek Mining, Inc. (OTCBB: WCRM) whereby Green EnviroTech has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wolfe Creek Mining.

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