WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - June 24, 2010) - Salsa Community Conference - Social networking is changing everything. Open, honest, personal, immediate -- it's the way people communicate -- and it's also the way they act and organize.

mySalsa, Salsa Labs' newest offering, wraps all of Salsa's core organizing features into an easy-to-use community portal that empowers people to get active by quickly connecting with others who share the same passion and interests, allowing them to host events, start groups, post updates, and fundraise.

It doesn't replace other social networks where people are already connecting -- it's a hub where people can connect, take action, and organize while at the same time pushing out that activity to their other networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Some top organizations and campaigns have already rolled out mySalsa and are impressed. "The mySalsa community allows us to empower our supporters with tools to take action into their own hands," said Julia Worth of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). "Particularly within our grassroots ballot campaigns, it is essential that volunteers are able to organize, and organize easily. These tools will be invaluable in our campaigning efforts moving forward."

"The primary goal of mySalsa is to give people powerful tools to organize and take action on behalf of a campaign or organization," said April Pedersen of Salsa Labs. "It can have tremendous value to organizations who want to encourage and facilitate deeper engagement, while at the same time increasing their reach through existing social networks."

mySalsa's integrated suite of tools includes:

  • Multi-Service Login/Signup: Users can tap their accounts from Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and other services, or create their own just for the site.
  • The Salsa Feed: The Salsa feed collates personal messages, event RSVPs, group joins, and donations into live streams that appear on the front page map, user profile pages, events and group pages. With a click, users can rate the messages and share them on their other social networks.
  • Activity Points and Badges: Organizations can design rules for users to earn activity points and badges which show up on their profiles and can filter them into groups for communication.
  • User-Created Groups: Groups act as forums and sub-communities, and can be associated with locations, interest, events, and advocacy campaigns.
  • User-Created Events: Users can create and manage events, and find events to attend in their area.
  • Personal Fundraising Pages: Users can create their own fundraising campaigns, and share them with their friends and communities.
  • Importing Photos: Photos and albums can be imported from Facebook and Flickr, to be used on their profiles, events, and groups.

"What we've seen in the last couple of years is that if you give people the power and the tools to self-organize, amazing things can happen," said Pedersen. "Our goal is to allow every campaign or organization to easily do what Obama did online in 2008 and put power in the hands of the people who have traditionally stood outside the process."

mySalsa is now available to the over 2,000 organizations and campaigns that use the Salsa platform and will be available July 1 for new clients.

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Salsa Labs is organizing the world. An insurgent organizer sitting at the cross-section of politics and technology, Salsa Labs' simple, complete, cloud-based organizing platform means that within hours, candidates and organizations can be up and running. Based in Washington, DC, Salsa Labs currently reaches over 30 million active and engaged constituents -- nearly one tenth of the US population, and helps some of the largest campaigns and Democratic organizations organize online.

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