WINTER PARK, CO--(Marketwire - June 24, 2010) -  The world is changing with smarter technology and shorter attention spans, and the way people experience faith is not immune to those changes. Dr. Garrett Hoffmann is a minister and inspirational speaker using the changing world to help the millennial generation connect with the Christian faith through online sermons, life studies and his most recent addition, the Bible in 60 seconds series.

"Many churches are shrinking in membership and support and can no longer afford to offer a full-time minister presence," Hoffmann said. "Thankfully, we are blessed with technological advancements that allow us to bring ministry to those in need. I want to share the amazing stories of our faith in convenient ways that people can relate to."

The Bible in 60 seconds is a constantly developing series of YouTube videos that tell a story from the Bible in a short, relatable package. Hoffmann's first video, the 10 commandments, while informative, is also entertaining with references to pop culture including "The Hangover," "Jersey Shore," Tiger Woods and iPads. The second video covers the birth of the church, complete with "Glee" and "Lost" references. Hoffmann's goal is to reach out to people and Generation Y, in particular, and get them interested in these stories of faith so they want to learn more.

"I'm just giving little bites, like a teaser or a trailer, to get people thinking about how something may have happened," Hoffmann said. "Hopefully people will connect with that and be encouraged to dig deeper."

Hoffmann believes that, with the available technology, faith should be shared more freely, regardless of a person's circumstances including those away at college or attending a church without a minister.

"Christianity is based on relationships which are explored throughout the Bible in story," Hoffmann said. "When Jesus taught, he taught with stories and parables. My greatest passion is to make your journey more accessible and as intentional as possible. I hope to remove the traditional barriers to faith and open a new chapter in worship."

Hoffmann is sharing both his message of faith and the key components of that faith, building good relationships and discovering personal attributes, with colleges and universities across the country. To schedule Hoffmann for a live presentation, please contact Van Leuven Communications at 1-800-520-1834 ext. 1 or via e-mail at

About Garrett Hoffmann
Dr. Garrett Hoffmann is pursuing his dream of providing spiritual guidance with Drawn to the study of Jesus Christ and his teachings, Hoffmann attended Princeton Theological Seminary and later earned a doctorate in ministry from Columbia Theological Seminary. After spending years as a minister in a congregation, Hoffmann now provides a free blog with the 60 second Bible stories along with sermons and life studies available for download at Hoffmann can also be found on Facebook,, and via twitter, @garretthoffmann.