DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - July 8, 2010) -  Dean Evans & Associates, Inc. (, the maker of EMS software, is proud to announce enhanced functionality in an update to the company's popular Master Calendar software. Master Calendar 3.1 offers customers improved control of events imported from an EMS scheduling system and tighter integration with social networking sites and other web-based calendar programs.

Some of the most powerful enhancements affect the workflow associated with finalizing imported events. For example, calendar managers can now send requests for additional event information to one or more recipients from within the Master Calendar system. The note includes a link that gives the recipient self-service access to a page for uploading images, editing event descriptions, etc.

"Master Calendar 3.1 builds on the powerful functionality introduced in version 3.0," said Ed Nowak, director of product development. "We've added various configuration options requested by our customers and have introduced some workflow enhancements that will save calendar managers a significant amount of time."

Master Calendar 3.1's numerous enhancements allow users to:

  • Share and bookmark event details on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter with the new AddThis option
  • Use Master Calendar through Safari on iPhone and iPad devices
  • Color code event titles by event type
  • Easily add details to any event
  • Re-label the Event Type and Location fields

Ashley Sanders with the Sports Licensed Division of the Adidas Group said her team is "ecstatic" about the enhanced features.

"We're excited about these features because they'll make Master Calendar an even more user-friendly, easy-to-read, customizable and efficient software package than it already was," Sanders said. "We rely on Master Calendar as a project management tool across our global locations and with the features and benefits that were already in place, and DEA's consistent enhancements based on customer feedback, it has grown to be an invaluable tool that we couldn't function without."

Master Calendar 3.1 is now available for download at

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Dean Evans & Associates, Inc. is the maker of the EMS line of facility scheduling, resource utilization, event management and web calendar products. Founded in 1986 and based in Denver, DEA has expanded its software solutions to include web registration and survey creation systems. More than 3,900 organizations including many Fortune 100 companies and hundreds of other corporations, over 1,000 higher education campuses, four of the six largest U.S. banks and thousands of conference centers, religious organizations, law firms, hospitals, cultural venues and sports facilities rely on EMS software.

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